After playing with the title and finding a solution to that, I wanted to move onto the body of text in the article and how I can use the same type of method into that, I wanted to try and hide parts of the information within the article and make it harder for the reader to really get the full story so playing into the article it self on how things are blurred and hard to find answers and the truth, I was stuck on how to actually go about this and David pointed me in the right direction by suggesting about using strike throughs he shown me some examples and directed me to do some research on the website he shown me. So after I thought it over, rather than just getting rid of information randomly just to create the effect I decided to use the title to introduce the feel that Trump himself looked and edited the article crossing things out as well as misplacing important information on the page, so the idea is since I made the article title seem like someone was asking Trump for the truth he would be involved in overlooking the article and editing it, I want the viewer to sit down and really read the article my plan is at a first glance the reader would miss parts and question the article therefore making them read it over again to really find the whole story instead of excepting the first version they read, so it really does play into the article story and plays with the whole concept of finding the truth.


Strikethrough is a font effect that causes text to appear as though it is crossed out. For example, this text should have a line through the middle of it. The strikethrough effect may be enabled through font properties if a program supports it, or applied to text on a web page using the HTML or CSS.

I then went to research the website David sent me, it allowed me to see how other designers use strikethroughs in their work and how it can create great affects and really in power a design, it can allow you to single out important information or ether disrupt it, which in my eyes feels  really cool, it can even just play into a style, but I am more interested in highlighting information and distorting it, but I went through the website and decided to select six pieces that I consider good practice which is shown below

Here is the link to the website, there are many great examples of strikethroughs used over the years in design –

After looking at other designs I then wanted to do some experiments of my own to see where I could take this and what media I could use and which  best fitted the style of the article, so I decided to do a digital version with strike throughs and some hand made ones using tape, pen, ink and paint.

After looking back over the outcomes I decided to use one from both one digital and one hand made, I decided to use the strike through tool for the digital and then tape for the handmade. The reason for this is that they easily cover over the text as well as creating some interesting shapes, I think these two together can create a great effect and a good look to the article, making it more visually interesting to look at and allow me to create the puzzles I wanted within the body of text.


I was glad I sort help from David he had a great solution to my problem and allowed me to explore something I enjoyed and I am very happy with the new concept I think its strong and it will play well along side the article, I also think it will look visually interesting and would attract my attention, the only thing left is pulling it off and producing the outcome.


My Creative Process 

After my research and reading over the article I came to the understanding  that the article is about the theme of truth and how when looking in Trumps direction there are so many blurred lines that surrounds him which raises so many questions about him and his tactics, realising this I am going to base my design around the idea of truth and communication so I want the design to be simple, easy to read and clear cut, I am going to use typography no images because it would be a cliche with trump, as I feel his image has been over used and I just want to focus on the text and the simplicity of composition. I want to look towards Bauhaus and how they used shapes to create competitions for their posters but substitute the shapes for text so over all my design which will make it minimalist type of design, so I began writing what ever came into my head and putting them down on paper to get as many ideas as I could, this can be seen below.

looking back over my sketches I only had two decent ideas, so I went ahead and decided to play with typography on the computer to see if I could give them more direction, my idea was to create the front bit and base the theme off that so I have style through out the design, so after hours of experimentation and making templates here are some of my strongest ideas as templates seen below.


After much thought and reflection I decided to go with the very simplistic design of the box title, I feel it fits the article as well as the brief because first the hole design its sell looks similar to a American flag but if you look at the title you can read the full title but adding white to ‘can’ and ‘take’ it allows them to fall back, then creating a question instead so it has a second voice of like some one is directly asking Trump for the truth, I didn’t  want to use to much colour,  I liked the theme of keeping it white, black and grey the quote next to the title is something that is actually said in the article and sums up what I feel the article is about, so I placed it next to the title as a little introduction in some sense.

template 4


I feel confident with my theme and over all style I like the minimalist approach and I feel it gives clarity to the hole situation of Trump because I’ve read and looked at a couple of articles about Trump and they have already painted the picture of him before they even read the article but for me its about people taking an actual interest in the article and what it says I actually want them to read the article and decide from that rather than a image, so I tried to implant a simple introduction of the article in the title by using typography and composition and then creating interesting composition by using the article it self on the page but I’m excited to start producing work.

Editorial Worksop 

Today we worked in groups to produce three, two page spreads by selecting a articles on a subject that we were given by David we received the Cuban Revolution back in 1950’s and only had a one and half to produce them, I shown up late so by the time I joined my group they already have chosen a typeface and article to go with it, was just a mater of me creating my spread, but this is what I managed to produce in that hour.

My spread

day project

I has so much space on one side of the spread so I decided to use some repetition to really drill in the what the article was about to keep the viewer interested and fixed to the page, I think the font it self provides beauty to the page it self and it allows the viewer to flow into the page fully aware of what the article is about that is my view.

Team spreads 


We then presented them on colour paper and have feedback, I wasn’t able to hear the feedback, but I felt our outcome was strong for the time we had and actually gave a modern turn to the subject and I think we worked well as a team.


This workshop was very simple and easy I felt i wasn’t challenged but enjoyed creating the spread, it  was a  practice one, before actually creating my own but Im ready to start producing but this excerise actually shown me how fast and easy you can produce one, as well to see others work and see early hand what they consider good design.

Elbow Grease Magazine: Afterlife


Elbow Grease is made up of a team of 3 and they are Tom the art director, Josh the editor and John the business man these three combine to design, create and publish their magazine. Tom is the main guy who basically came up with the idea of creating the magazine, he decides how the magazine looks and flows, he is inspired by great content and hates minimalist magazines he wants people to get the more for the money they pay, his idea of a great magazine is something fun interesting full of ideas and something that can be put in your back pocket, it can be ripped apart and used for ideas. 
During their talk they gave advice how to start up a business by using their journey as a example and in fact they are still currently on their journey to really push this magazine further, but during their talk I managed to take notes and take away some key advice in starting my own business, I was bit disappointed that he didn’t really come forth with the actual design of the magazine talking about their spreads and so on but I did take away other lessons. 
First lesson is to know what I want to do and then know how to hit my target audience, once I know I need to consider what I can bring that is different to that audience, something for them to keep coming back to, something they cant get somewhere else, something that separates me from others. 
Now I have realised what my brand or product is, what it does and stands for I need to produce an example. its has to be on point, it has to sell, it is the first impression for that person or client so it needs to be perfect. 
Now I have an example of my product and it has been produced, I now need to consider how I can sustain my product and analyse how I can get a income to start creating more to fit demand. Then comes the important part where it will be placed how will it look in that certain environment does it fit and can it be apart of the environment as well standing out from the rest. These are all important thoughts to have, because if I just chuck my product out there its more likely to fail. A great piece of advice from Tom is that individuals that are involved with the product, as with his magazine they should give you important feedback, Tom would ask the shop owners advice as they need to make profit so they will tell the truth. 
The best thing to do when you start growing is to make sure you have the right people around that you all have the same direction and know where you want to take this product make sure that the people around you want to succeed and are not just in it for the ride. 
Now that my product is selling and its evolving, it’s important to analyse how much income I am gaining and how I can use that money to gain more resources and grow over the country, but I always have to be ready for failure most businesses, do but it shouldn’t ever end there, I just need to get back on the horse and come back stronger. 
My opinion
The look of the magazine is really professional and is great but the price is £10 its way to high for a student and so which falls against ripping it up and being a thing that isn’t so important I know for a fact if I spent £10 on a magazine I would highly value that magazine I wouldn’t want to rip that up at although fold it to put in my back pocket so in this I say the value needs to drop. Tom also said he hates minimalist design but that features in the magazine, I understand his view on the pace of the magazine so some times it does need to be slow downed, my feedback is that to lower the price try find ways to cut cost even more because for what the magazine stands for doesn’t really express in the design and most importantly the price, Tom said himself that magazines are going back to the old ways where they are printed on cheap paper and binned together by string why not research that and find away to get ahead of the game find something different in that.  
Todays afterlife was very interesting and was very helpful, if I considered a future in creating my own creative brand, its given me a more insight to the the main pillars I need to have in place before even considering creating my product and so on, but I also learnt that its important to know how to collaborate and how great it is to consider the peoples practices can help better my own Tom, John and Josh seem to have a great working environment and its always important to have that, the magazine looks great but I did notice some faults to their pitch and actual product.    

Magazine Spread Research

After picking my article and reading over it, I was ready to do some research on magazine spreads for inspiration and good practice, so I decided to start at simple, then casually build up to more complex designs, my idea here is to see some systems that are string that I could build on to fit within my article, I was also looking into how the designer has accomplished interpreting the article through visual systems and images.

Brick Magazines

very simplistic design it is straight forward and easy to read, it has a nice imagery and easy to read text I’m not to sure what typeface they have used, but its a reminder to me that simple design in it self can be beautiful, I don’t need to throw everything at it, it can be nice and subtle, I also like how the text stretches over four columns on the grid system and makes the text easier to read I want to experiment more with the block of texts and how they are laid out on the page. link –

Fish Bowl Magazine

I really like the colour pallet in these spreads they compliment each other very well, the imagery is beautiful and it is what really attracted me to the spreads and I do like the simplicity of the texts and heading but I am not to sure about the over size of the letter at the start of the paragraphs but the full magazine is really great and really worth a look heres the link –

Matt Magazine

I really like the lines system in these spreads and they feature through thew hole magazine which shows its a navigation system, I am a massive fan of this and planning to experiment with this in my design but starting with the same build up Matt has used then building on it but the magazine is really friendly and well designed and you could see more if you click the link -

Innovation is a Process Discovery

Im a fan of the text overlapping the image I think its a very strong effect and makes the design very modern, I also love the opacity over the imagery that comes through the text. I like the negative space the design sits in its very confident and think the designer has a good understanding of space but I am noticing a theme of text stretching over 4 columns on the grid system which I would like to do for my layout I felt I didn’t experiment enough in my ephemera booklet and this is my chance now, I am more looking towards the detail of blocks of texts in my design. link –

Bando Magazine

I like the colour pallet in both of these spreads and the use of text, how they over lap the images but one is more visual as another is for an article on Starbucks its different and allows me to question more because its not to the usual visual theme of Starbucks with using the yellow and black, but these two in my opinion are the strongest spreads of the magazine but there are plenty more great spreads in the magazine you can see more by clicking the link –

Things we like

This was more a website that show designs they consider as good practice but I managed to find two great spreads on it if I’m honest I was more interested in the typography they used but as well how they just used typography to fill that page and get the best out of the typography and the text on the spread, the design is very simple but effective, looking at the designs its come to my understanding that when doing a typography piece its great to explore the composition of where it will sit on the page.


I am more of a fan of the spread with the pink and blue I think its a very string design and has more to it than the other, I like how the blue dominates as it jumps out of the page and the white sinks into the background, which in my view gives the spread layers, I think is clever, I want to implement that into my spreads if its possible.


This research has really helped me to understand how to achieve great spread designs, its also helped gain some ideas that I can take further in my project to better my practice I really want to experiment with simple colours and how I can use them to create layers and some sort of hierarchy system which sounds great fun to me so over all the detail will be simple within the actual design but have more depth within the colour system and experimentation within my work I feel, I also want the viewer to interact with my spread and not just glance over if I can achieve that I be happy.

My Article Choice


After reading each article I finally came to a decision and decided on the Trump article, it was the strongest for me and liked the tactical talk and the hole idea of the truth, the other reason why I chose this article is because its very popular subject at this time, its every where Trump has just been elected as president and all the attention is facing him which comes a lot of opinions and plenty of content and inspirations and this is for me,  it gives new depths to the project, its very hard to find middle ground with Trump its ether a string of hate or a lot of love for him so its very hard to find a well grounded opinion on him, the article itself is the theme ofthe truth and how Trump hides behind his scandals and tactics to allow him to change the subject in question which leaves many people with questions and many opinions which will be my focus.


the 45th president of America, born in 1964 (age 70)

Before his Presidency he was a businessman and a tv personality in the US.

websites and articles I researched to have a better understanding of trump and the content around him.

As you can see there is so much content on Tump that it simply forces an opinion on him and its only a matter of preference at the minute because there is short space of him being president but looking through the internet helped me look and understand what the internet thinks about him and how he has already been painted in the global eye which to me he’s ether a joke or very much liked and many people have questions about him and his tactics. I also realise the theme of the article is about the truth and people are trying to put the puzzles together of what Trump been saying to see if he’s actually painting the right picture.


I think this is a very fun article to choose and I can play with a lot, I might base the entire design around Trump and the truth and make some puzzles out of the article maybe but what I am very excited where I could take this just sat to jump in the reason why I didn’t do to much research into trump himself is because the media has so much on him and so many different opinions on him so I didn’t want to be swayed by that i just wanted the article it self to speak to  me so thats why I done some very basic research.

London Conference&Studio visit

I was very excited about this trip an dit met all the hype around it, I was looking forward to the conference and especially the studio visit where I went to Dear Studios, I really wanted to see the city and really explore and feel a design studio which I will talk about later, because I  plan to work in London and hope to establish a career there in the future.

Designer 4 conference


We all went together and was introduced to an old hall really but was great to see other universities there which was interesting, I believe there was about 4 others, but we all say down and the conference began.


It started with Mathew Shannon his talk was more a reflection on his career and how his experiences could help us to make sure we have the right skills to take in to our career when we move into the industry and what it takes to become a successful designer. Mathew has 20 years experience in graphic design, he’s worked at many of the big companies and is currently working as a art director.

Joanna Davies owns her own design agency ‘ZAK’ but her talk was more of a view as an employer, to what she would be looking for in a junior designer coming in to join her team, she also gave us an insight into what her agency does and how they like to produce their work.

Last was Max Baxter who also has his own design studio in Brighton (Baxtor&Bailley) and his talk was alittle confusing, but creative, talking about his journey and if I had to sum up his talk in my view is that there is no right advice when it comes to graphic design you just have to go on your own path to raise to the top and just enjoy it really.

Learning points

I decided instead of listing them and all the things each one taught me I decided to combine and say what I learnt from them as a collaborative lesson, since some of their points over lapped each other.

Passion, committed and determination is key to success and should always drive for the best don’t sell yourself short, moving on to briefs its always best to build a relationship with a client, it allows room to grow getting the best out of the project. I must always intergrate the brief make sure I know it in side out, once you think you know, think over again and then again the hardest part is processing and making sure you have the perfect idea, producing it is the easy part. keep my eyes open to every available opportunity because it allows you to know whats out there, I cant let things slip past me because someone else is ready to snatch it up, its best for me to have a mentor within the industry to guide me through my career,it needs to be the right person for me, the best way to stay in the game is to always know the world and its current technology trends, a great designer must always be able to adapt ether their project or the outcome, this will happen at some point in my career I got to make sure I’m ready for it. Communication is key in graphics but it doesn’t have to be complicated, simple is the best policy when it comes to communication, always create work that tests people and is different and some one will share it, it also gives clients and agency something to different and everyone always wants to be better wether its a designer agency or business its just how we make money, it helps to create your own projects they seem to come hand in hand with creating different content but it allows you to grow as a designer, as a designer I must always consider the impact my work has on the world how people look at it how they respond and react to it, finally coming to my journey and how to approach getting my foot through the door to start my career, it is important to have a great portfolio that shows my personality and difference I could make to a brief ‘the new thing’ as Joanna put it, once I have my portfolio I need to make sure i do my research and make sure I know where I’m heading and what I’m going to get out of that company most likely look for the agencies&studios that are wining the awards but its not to panic if you don’t whats great about our industry is that you can build on it everything is an experience that helps you become a better designer but Max’s version is the comforting for me and the deeper meaning to his talk on how you can really prepare for your journey into the industry, you must do what you think is right, trying to do the best you can always wing it just do it and make sure you enjoy what your doing and be equipped for anything fake it till you make it.

Dear Studios

Dear Studios was a very interesting visit and allowed me to see theres always more than one way to work and that each studio has their own philosophy while working on briefs for clients, Dear Studios was very relaxed place in my view walking in the bug open spaces and the tables that run trough the office making it easy just to tun around and talk and have a coffee that was evident due to the room being infused with the smell of coffee which I’m a fan of. We had a small tour of the building, and the actually designer studio and the finance floor which was very interesting, but the real interesting part was when we went to the board room and he began the presentation Dear have a different approach to working on their briefs where they actually look towards the human behaviour, the way Dear tackle this is by looking at the long effect on behaviour of the human from when they interact with the brand from start to finish this ends up them creating a time loop to see how the brand looks and feels to the client and its consumers. This method is a very effective for them it allows them to pin point the pros and the cons of the brand they are working for, but the time was very short and I felt I was a bit cheated to only having an hour of being in a actual studio, I wish I could of had more time even to just sit and take in more of the studios, but I guess I must push for that by working and actually gaining a job in a actuals studio, but here is a example of a time loop below.



London was very lively, there is so much going on all the time, the streets never stop from the shops to every ally way its very intense place to live even though you always next to someone it can be lonely too, I never realised how big and easy it is to get lost, but I managed to get a bike with some of my piers and explore the sights of London which was great fun and was a great experience but here are some images I took while travelling through the city.


London is a great city full of life and massive never ending, but the real great experiences was the conference it really did teach me a lot and help me understand how others see the world of graphics and how the adapted to become top designers, I do admit I wish I was already in the game hearing them talking about their work and how they getting paid for it was truly inspiring, but I felt this will be one important part of my life because some of the real lessons I learnt and how I experienced my first studio visit it was so care free and payed back and just producing from what I saw but thats only a glimpse and I know there is so much more to it than just that, but I am looking forward to getting back to my own projects and producing great work.