Magazine Spread Research

After picking my article and reading over it, I was ready to do some research on magazine spreads for inspiration and good practice, so I decided to start at simple, then casually build up to more complex designs, my idea here is to see some systems that are string that I could build on to fit within my article, I was also looking into how the designer has accomplished interpreting the article through visual systems and images.

Brick Magazines

very simplistic design it is straight forward and easy to read, it has a nice imagery and easy to read text I’m not to sure what typeface they have used, but its a reminder to me that simple design in it self can be beautiful, I don’t need to throw everything at it, it can be nice and subtle, I also like how the text stretches over four columns on the grid system and makes the text easier to read I want to experiment more with the block of texts and how they are laid out on the page. link –

Fish Bowl Magazine

I really like the colour pallet in these spreads they compliment each other very well, the imagery is beautiful and it is what really attracted me to the spreads and I do like the simplicity of the texts and heading but I am not to sure about the over size of the letter at the start of the paragraphs but the full magazine is really great and really worth a look heres the link –

Matt Magazine

I really like the lines system in these spreads and they feature through thew hole magazine which shows its a navigation system, I am a massive fan of this and planning to experiment with this in my design but starting with the same build up Matt has used then building on it but the magazine is really friendly and well designed and you could see more if you click the link -

Innovation is a Process Discovery

Im a fan of the text overlapping the image I think its a very strong effect and makes the design very modern, I also love the opacity over the imagery that comes through the text. I like the negative space the design sits in its very confident and think the designer has a good understanding of space but I am noticing a theme of text stretching over 4 columns on the grid system which I would like to do for my layout I felt I didn’t experiment enough in my ephemera booklet and this is my chance now, I am more looking towards the detail of blocks of texts in my design. link –

Bando Magazine

I like the colour pallet in both of these spreads and the use of text, how they over lap the images but one is more visual as another is for an article on Starbucks its different and allows me to question more because its not to the usual visual theme of Starbucks with using the yellow and black, but these two in my opinion are the strongest spreads of the magazine but there are plenty more great spreads in the magazine you can see more by clicking the link –

Things we like

This was more a website that show designs they consider as good practice but I managed to find two great spreads on it if I’m honest I was more interested in the typography they used but as well how they just used typography to fill that page and get the best out of the typography and the text on the spread, the design is very simple but effective, looking at the designs its come to my understanding that when doing a typography piece its great to explore the composition of where it will sit on the page.


I am more of a fan of the spread with the pink and blue I think its a very string design and has more to it than the other, I like how the blue dominates as it jumps out of the page and the white sinks into the background, which in my view gives the spread layers, I think is clever, I want to implement that into my spreads if its possible.


This research has really helped me to understand how to achieve great spread designs, its also helped gain some ideas that I can take further in my project to better my practice I really want to experiment with simple colours and how I can use them to create layers and some sort of hierarchy system which sounds great fun to me so over all the detail will be simple within the actual design but have more depth within the colour system and experimentation within my work I feel, I also want the viewer to interact with my spread and not just glance over if I can achieve that I be happy.


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