My Creative Process 

After my research and reading over the article I came to the understanding  that the article is about the theme of truth and how when looking in Trumps direction there are so many blurred lines that surrounds him which raises so many questions about him and his tactics, realising this I am going to base my design around the idea of truth and communication so I want the design to be simple, easy to read and clear cut, I am going to use typography no images because it would be a cliche with trump, as I feel his image has been over used and I just want to focus on the text and the simplicity of composition. I want to look towards Bauhaus and how they used shapes to create competitions for their posters but substitute the shapes for text so over all my design which will make it minimalist type of design, so I began writing what ever came into my head and putting them down on paper to get as many ideas as I could, this can be seen below.

looking back over my sketches I only had two decent ideas, so I went ahead and decided to play with typography on the computer to see if I could give them more direction, my idea was to create the front bit and base the theme off that so I have style through out the design, so after hours of experimentation and making templates here are some of my strongest ideas as templates seen below.


After much thought and reflection I decided to go with the very simplistic design of the box title, I feel it fits the article as well as the brief because first the hole design its sell looks similar to a American flag but if you look at the title you can read the full title but adding white to ‘can’ and ‘take’ it allows them to fall back, then creating a question instead so it has a second voice of like some one is directly asking Trump for the truth, I didn’t  want to use to much colour,  I liked the theme of keeping it white, black and grey the quote next to the title is something that is actually said in the article and sums up what I feel the article is about, so I placed it next to the title as a little introduction in some sense.

template 4


I feel confident with my theme and over all style I like the minimalist approach and I feel it gives clarity to the hole situation of Trump because I’ve read and looked at a couple of articles about Trump and they have already painted the picture of him before they even read the article but for me its about people taking an actual interest in the article and what it says I actually want them to read the article and decide from that rather than a image, so I tried to implant a simple introduction of the article in the title by using typography and composition and then creating interesting composition by using the article it self on the page but I’m excited to start producing work.