My Article Choice


After reading each article I finally came to a decision and decided on the Trump article, it was the strongest for me and liked the tactical talk and the hole idea of the truth, the other reason why I chose this article is because its very popular subject at this time, its every where Trump has just been elected as president and all the attention is facing him which comes a lot of opinions and plenty of content and inspirations and this is for me,  it gives new depths to the project, its very hard to find middle ground with Trump its ether a string of hate or a lot of love for him so its very hard to find a well grounded opinion on him, the article itself is the theme ofthe truth and how Trump hides behind his scandals and tactics to allow him to change the subject in question which leaves many people with questions and many opinions which will be my focus.


the 45th president of America, born in 1964 (age 70)

Before his Presidency he was a businessman and a tv personality in the US.

websites and articles I researched to have a better understanding of trump and the content around him.

As you can see there is so much content on Tump that it simply forces an opinion on him and its only a matter of preference at the minute because there is short space of him being president but looking through the internet helped me look and understand what the internet thinks about him and how he has already been painted in the global eye which to me he’s ether a joke or very much liked and many people have questions about him and his tactics. I also realise the theme of the article is about the truth and people are trying to put the puzzles together of what Trump been saying to see if he’s actually painting the right picture.


I think this is a very fun article to choose and I can play with a lot, I might base the entire design around Trump and the truth and make some puzzles out of the article maybe but what I am very excited where I could take this just sat to jump in the reason why I didn’t do to much research into trump himself is because the media has so much on him and so many different opinions on him so I didn’t want to be swayed by that i just wanted the article it self to speak to  me so thats why I done some very basic research.


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