After playing with the title and finding a solution to that, I wanted to move onto the body of text in the article and how I can use the same type of method into that, I wanted to try and hide parts of the information within the article and make it harder for the reader to really get the full story so playing into the article it self on how things are blurred and hard to find answers and the truth, I was stuck on how to actually go about this and David pointed me in the right direction by suggesting about using strike throughs he shown me some examples and directed me to do some research on the website he shown me. So after I thought it over, rather than just getting rid of information randomly just to create the effect I decided to use the title to introduce the feel that Trump himself looked and edited the article crossing things out as well as misplacing important information on the page, so the idea is since I made the article title seem like someone was asking Trump for the truth he would be involved in overlooking the article and editing it, I want the viewer to sit down and really read the article my plan is at a first glance the reader would miss parts and question the article therefore making them read it over again to really find the whole story instead of excepting the first version they read, so it really does play into the article story and plays with the whole concept of finding the truth.


Strikethrough is a font effect that causes text to appear as though it is crossed out. For example, this text should have a line through the middle of it. The strikethrough effect may be enabled through font properties if a program supports it, or applied to text on a web page using the HTML or CSS.

I then went to research the website David sent me, it allowed me to see how other designers use strikethroughs in their work and how it can create great affects and really in power a design, it can allow you to single out important information or ether disrupt it, which in my eyes feels  really cool, it can even just play into a style, but I am more interested in highlighting information and distorting it, but I went through the website and decided to select six pieces that I consider good practice which is shown below

Here is the link to the website, there are many great examples of strikethroughs used over the years in design –

After looking at other designs I then wanted to do some experiments of my own to see where I could take this and what media I could use and which  best fitted the style of the article, so I decided to do a digital version with strike throughs and some hand made ones using tape, pen, ink and paint.

After looking back over the outcomes I decided to use one from both one digital and one hand made, I decided to use the strike through tool for the digital and then tape for the handmade. The reason for this is that they easily cover over the text as well as creating some interesting shapes, I think these two together can create a great effect and a good look to the article, making it more visually interesting to look at and allow me to create the puzzles I wanted within the body of text.


I was glad I sort help from David he had a great solution to my problem and allowed me to explore something I enjoyed and I am very happy with the new concept I think its strong and it will play well along side the article, I also think it will look visually interesting and would attract my attention, the only thing left is pulling it off and producing the outcome.


My Article Choice


After reading each article I finally came to a decision and decided on the Trump article, it was the strongest for me and liked the tactical talk and the hole idea of the truth, the other reason why I chose this article is because its very popular subject at this time, its every where Trump has just been elected as president and all the attention is facing him which comes a lot of opinions and plenty of content and inspirations and this is for me,  it gives new depths to the project, its very hard to find middle ground with Trump its ether a string of hate or a lot of love for him so its very hard to find a well grounded opinion on him, the article itself is the theme ofthe truth and how Trump hides behind his scandals and tactics to allow him to change the subject in question which leaves many people with questions and many opinions which will be my focus.


the 45th president of America, born in 1964 (age 70)

Before his Presidency he was a businessman and a tv personality in the US.

websites and articles I researched to have a better understanding of trump and the content around him.

As you can see there is so much content on Tump that it simply forces an opinion on him and its only a matter of preference at the minute because there is short space of him being president but looking through the internet helped me look and understand what the internet thinks about him and how he has already been painted in the global eye which to me he’s ether a joke or very much liked and many people have questions about him and his tactics. I also realise the theme of the article is about the truth and people are trying to put the puzzles together of what Trump been saying to see if he’s actually painting the right picture.


I think this is a very fun article to choose and I can play with a lot, I might base the entire design around Trump and the truth and make some puzzles out of the article maybe but what I am very excited where I could take this just sat to jump in the reason why I didn’t do to much research into trump himself is because the media has so much on him and so many different opinions on him so I didn’t want to be swayed by that i just wanted the article it self to speak to  me so thats why I done some very basic research.

Poster&App Ephemera Research

After my animation process I moved on to creating the ephemera poster and flyer, before starting I was also required to create an icon logo for our app that allowed people to learn what services were provided and where their nearest service provider was. I started by doing some poster research and looked towards ‘Behance’ and ‘It’s nice that’.

I tried looking at some healthcare posters, but most were very boring and didn’t seem to have any creativity, they were just full of information that could easily be ignored, which I didn’t want for my design, I wanted something simple and attractive with very little information as possible so it was easy to grasp and straight to the point.

I managed to find some great examples of minimalist posters on Behance, these are a great collection from a movie festival, some from advertising and others are products, here are some of my favourite examples from the collection they are great –

I really like the 3D effect on one of the posters its really interesting how layering colours can create this effect but again I am more interested in the way they used simple shapes or lines to create a effective imagery that could attract a crowd, they are mainly used to be satisfying to look at, here is the link that feature many more check them out –

I then wanted to look at something completely opposite, I wanted to see how I then could have expressive typography while using it in a poster format and how I can then expand on it on my design to see how I can mix the the two styles creating a minimalist expression, I  love these designs, they are great and I’ve learnt the logo was created by the amazing graphic designer Paula Scher, I also grabbed some posters and ephemera I liked which can be seen below, but they are designed for ‘The Republic theatre’ but here is the link have a look you can find some great inspiration here –

Interactive digital poster

I found this more interesting ephemera idea, that was posted on ‘Its nice that’ it was made by a design studio called Feixen the digital poster actually has hidden musical features inside and can be explored by playing with the design.The design is modern very easy on the eye but the interactive side brings the poster design to life its really something, it’s new and brings forth that modern age design I really consider this a great practice and I would be open to experiment further in my career, here is some examples but follow up on the website to really see how these digital posters interact and work –

 Aurelio Sanchez

I still wanted to see how I could create some sort of style to be provided with the ephemera and still be linked back to the animation so I looked and found another great project produced by graphic designer Aurelio Sanchez’s who uses a minimal style to create the branding talks and lectures from the SIW but uses inspiration from brutalism, here are some examples, they contain great work –


APP Research

I was asked by Ellie to help her with the app we were producing, we agreed that I would create the icon or logo for the app, she would create the content and collaborate in the end to finilise everything. I began where every one else does with research and found some great examples from Behance, I just wanted to find the basic style of icons and how most were created and how simple the design could be but these are some great examples of app icons and how they were created, in this I have feature some great examples and some of the process of how the new ‘WhatsApp’ icon was created, here are my examples and the link –


Whatsup icon

This was the process for the new ‘WhatsApp’ icon which is a great project and is very well designed, here is some images and the link –


Poster research help me to understand how I can achieve simple yet effective design by using minimalist style by collaborating that with expressive type can create an effective but simple style and can create a design with simple imagery and adding context by adding some very simple text or can be achieve by using a very clever image but there is a very fine line in communicating information in away I do understand, as for my app research it helped me understand how I can show the context of the app using wordplay or by what the app does and its name but there are many other ways to venture down depending on the app but I believe I have found a effective way to create my app icon and  be ready to start my ephemera design.

Animation – Work and Process

I was looking at the storyboard and was struggling to envision something what I could explore until Ellie Reid uploaded her alphabet and 3 second animation to are group chat it really help me spark some ideas I really liked what she produced and it was very interesting to see here colour choice and her over all loose typography, I was a massive fan of the colours and thought the colour pallet was great and it sparked some ideas, her text and colour pallet again also reminded me of the lyric music video of Ed Sheeran’s song ‘shape of you’  but here is her alphabet and 3 second animation :-

elleis apla

I think the style already has hit our target audience who are everyday people young and older who use the medical services but are not formally fond of others and need to be educated on them, I think the text is loose enough for children but as well adding some elements that are finer really help target the older audience we want to capture so combines the two in my view which is very clever I love the idea of heartbeat beat in the animation and think it should carry on through out the animation in a continuous line which I would like to explore further later on, but I took a look at the Ed Sheeran music video and loved some of the typography it produced in the video there are some great examples of kinetic typography, here are some frames I liked and the video itself :-

Looking at the video and text made me want to experiment with this style of really loose text trying to tell a story, so I decided to try do some easy experiments using illustrator and try recreate the style but explore in more with some very vibrant colours and make it look more like pop art – here are my experiments

Then looking at Ellie’s alphabet and Ed Sheerans music video I wanted to push my experimentation further by creating my own my own alphabet in illustrator but creating it more towards the music video style and my experiments, this was more just free hand and more playful than anything just to take it further so here is my alphabet and example :-

quick alphabwt

alpha example 

I wanted to push my experiment further and really play with the layers and colour I could get so I decided to play with my alphabet in photoshop playing with colour, opacity and how many layers I could get and managed to create some interesting things but the pink is the best I think

alpha example copytyo 4TYPO 3


Christoph Niemann 

I originally saw Christoph on a show I was watching he was so impressive to watch I really love some of his work and how he looks at the world then interprets that into his work, his playful mind, style allows him to tune in to the imperfections of the world and just simply play and have fun with his environment, the most impressing part I enjoyed watching was how he described his family life and the upbringing of his children through lego pieces so abstract yet so accurate, this made me want to adventure into his work more, the reason why I wanted to investigate Christopher further is because of his style and all the rang of media he used from digital to water colours, I was hoping he could help me open my eyes to creating my illustrations metaphors and approach them in a new clever way for my animation, I went to his website and found some great work on war which he has named ‘communised warfare’  where he has created these great small animations :-

I also read a great article of Christoph on ‘Its Nice That’ and it really was a good read, I would advise anyone a read it, but again it goes into further detail on how he produces and sees the world of abstraction, but adventuring deeper into his work again I discovered another great small project ‘ Google Doodles’ where its more suited towards our animation style and would like to try some illustrations in his style but here is his work and some of my sketches.



Ellie’s heartbeat 

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 16.35.11

Looking back at Ellie’s working looked towards her heartbeat which then created an idea of keeping that heartbeat line through out the animation, my idea of using this method firstly allows a navigation tool as well being symbolic for a continuous lines of events that will lead to the end of the survival of our A&E departments so it all links and flows nicely too I then drew up a storyboard to show my idea which can be seen below :-


As you can see it keeps all the original content but adds the idea of a continuous line and is more based around that, I thought it was a nice effect in the animation and could be featured through out the animation and ephemera, I also wanted to do illustrations that would fit to the idea as well the animation the heartbeat already adds the refine simple line feature to it so I wanted to create simple line illustrations to go along with that heartbeat line and could also fit into my idea but first I needed some inspiration and recalled what David shown me in a lecture as an example of good practice and it was an animation called ‘Shape’ created by John Kelly :- – Link to his website

I agree that this animation is a brilliant example of best practice and the love simple abstract illustrations in it, I really love the scene where he use simple shapes to create children running into a building and how he animated them was a real inspiration to me this was able to help me create my illustrations based off his animation and how I could achieve creating a similar scene in my groups animation these are some images of the scene I’m referring to –


Moving away from the computer screen I started to look back to our storyboard and then decided to take the content I saw and then try sketching them out in this simplistic line design while keeping it formal but friendly here are my sketches –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then once I was happy, I moved to the computer screen and digitalised them to illustrated them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then presented the idea and the illustrations to my team they liked the idea but felt the line should just feature in parts of the animation rather right the way through but they really did like my illustrations but only wanted to use the buildings, clouds/winds, figures and shine which was a positive outcome they then wanted to see how it would look with colours and how it could fit into the animation further so I suggested to say it could draw it self when the line comes out which they really liked the sound of so I started by drawing up a template of what the colours should be for the building which can be seen below as well Eillie featuring my phone in the work which can be seen to the right :-

house template


Now moved on to the animation it self and drew up a small storyboard to show how it would go which can be seen below :-

Scan 1 

I then moved this onto after effects, thanks to Matt’s lectures I managed to animate the lines moving and gain the building to start drawing it self but their was some major holes within the design of the budding which was hard to gain back which I then seemed the advice of the French guy forgive me Im not tot sure of his name but he wasn’t able to direct me to a solution but he did try another method which I was able to do. The idea was to create a mask over the building then pull it away which could create the effect of the building drawing it self basically like putting tape over a image then reveal it slowly by taking the tape off I also tried youtube which didn’t help I spent three days experimenting

with this scene but none was successful but here was the results of my best efforts.

After the third day and still no results we was running out of time and Simeon was confident he could animate the scene so I handed it over to him and then started to do work on the ephemera’s which would be a poster and a app that help people learn what and where services are nearest to them.


This project has been testing for me due to after effects its a very broad program its just insane but it gets easier with practice and time which I have found out you need a lot of patients in animation from planning and taking it to the screen but my journey has a been fun I enjoyed exploring other artists work and how they approach their practice and how they used them over different platforms, I also enjoying seeing the results of are animation within the group and making great progress I am also grateful for Simeon for taking over and helping me get the project done which has taught me another lesson about group work that you can use others skills to help you move along the project and have asked Simeon for private lessons for the future so I can gain a better understanding of aftereffects and then be able to take this into my future practice.




Today we looked at storyboarding and how we can use them to ether analyse or create, Using them to tell a stories or express an idea we could have, it could shed light on are ideas on how ether a movie, film or animation could be created and should like and the story of course, we started the session looking at a few examples then went on to do are day task which was to create a storyboard on our given advert, are advert was Rock, Paper and scissors which was created by Android, the idea was to deconstruct and analyse the frames of the advert and try convey the idea of the advert through are story board. I felt are storyboard  did that and more, it was very detailed as a group we looked past just the set scene and looked at all the smaller details such where did the characters eye look and shadowed that into are storyboard I really felt as a group we did a great job understanding are task and the advert at the end the advert was a great joy to work with very clever and had that appeal towards families. here is are story board and the Android advert –  


It was handy to learn storyboarding as its an essential part of a process in creating a animation, it help me to understand what really needs to be included in the storyboard to really grasp the idea and show others what your trying to push at, it also helps to know what needs to be included and how you are planning on presenting that story, but todays lecture was a strong I felt as a group we came together  and nailed the task, I am looking forward to creating a storyboard with my group soon to get onto the experimental side and producing work.

Storyboarding – Our Animation 

I wasn’t in when the final storyboard was created which was very unfortunate but Simeon and Ellie did a great job of brining me up to speed of what they manage to create, they went through the inter process just to get to the final storyboard and was a great help, I saw the development from start to finish and how they wanted to show the strain of the A&E departments, the storyboard shows the current problems then presents the solution and it gives attention to more smarter decision making about their health care, where to go then what the services should be able to provide its mainly trying to educate people on the other services available to them. Here is the storyboards developing –


So they began at the start where they wanted to show how the pressure on the A&E departments and are at braking point, they then wanted to show this by ether making the letters A&E blow up like a ballon and near enough pop or by the words being crushed by the pure pressure which both ideas are very creative, the story board moves on to the problems of A&E starting with the overflow this is shown more visually where they want an animation of a stampede of people running into a A&E department, shortly followed by a scene with a clock then people waiting for a bed and that the staff cant cope with the purely high numbers of patients and are understaffed, this is then amplified by the typography that follows after the small scene of the clock.

The second part is of the storyboard is more talking about A&E being used just for emergencies and that its urgent healthcare and should only be used for that alone but it then gives the solution about the other services that should be used instead of A&E for the minor injuries, it then follows by presenting the NHS helpline and website that can direct you in the right way and give people an educated decision on what action they need to take in future situations. Here is are final story board –

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 19.34.34Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 19.34.43Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 19.34.53


It was nice of Simeon and Ellie to brief me on what they done and for the day of was off, they was patient with me and allowed me to still have an opinion on ideas and I can say im comfortable with what we are moving forward with, I am excited to see where as a group we can take this and think we have a lot of potential, I cant wait to get moving on with the research and taking on the experimental side to create a style for this animation, I understand already that the theme needs to be family friendly and aimed at all the general public but keeping it simple and easy to read, I also been given a role with poster design as well I’m going to create some illustrations for the animation but we have been given license to explore but we only decided on the colour theme now which will be blue, white and red which seems like a fine colour pallet to me, I am excited to bring this animation to life in the coming weeks.

NHS Choose Well research

I  researched to find if anything has been produced before on this subject/issue, to see what has been created and how we can improve it, I looked around the NHS websites and couldn’t find to much, till I came across the NHS wales website and found ‘choose well’.

Choose Well – helps you decide which medical attention you need for when you get ill or need emergency treatment and allows the NHS give the best positive care for the people.

‘Choose Well’ has its own website which you can visit and has its own self help number – 0845 66 47 as well as having a app that can help you understand what services are there and what they are.

Choose Well Logo

I started looking at the logo which is a thermometer with five different colours in it and starts from blue to red which to me signalises the emergency level but I really didn’t have a full understanding what it was about until my mum came and told me that they are the colour codes A&E use to determine the ranking system for patients to be seen the colour is as followed –

Red – seen immediately

Orange – within 10 minutes

yellow – within 1 hour

Greens – within 4 hours

Blue – when able

This helped me understand the logo and at first I thought it was a clever idea to use the colours as a main part in the logo, but I feel that the logo could have been produced better in my own view, maybe try different shapes or actually use a common theme of hearts I feel it was produced fast and less thought towards the presentation of the logo which disappoints me.

The website is vey basic and bright but is easy to read and not to hard to navigate through, I feel again the general over style and design of ‘Choose well’ is very boring and feels like the subject it’s trying to create awareness is boring it self makes me want to forget more then investigate more.

WebisteI then managed to find a leaflet template which also keeps within the style.


On the website I was able to download a poster design, this again is simple easy to read I also think that the two languages take up to much space and could be avoided if they made a pair instead of the one maybe this is due to budgeting but the design really does bother me and would I like to think we could produce better.

poster desgin

I managed to find the app in the App Store and downloaded it, I wanted to experience the app its design, the flow and how easy it was to understand. I just wanted to see how it felt in my hand, in my opinion the app is the best part of ‘choose well’ campaign is that the design seems to be better, it flows nice and its easy to read I really thought the map system on helping you find your near by service was really helpful and certainly  would be helpful in future use but the design was simple, easy to read and was helpful which is what I wanted from the app but here are some images below of the app and my experience using it.


I wanted to see how this design is presented in the A&E departments but didn’t find to much but was only able to fine a leaflet by the notice board with a fridge sticker inside which is a good idea which allows you to always keep it in a place you use daily and can remind you here is an image of me using it on my fridge.


It was great to find a design that already exists because it’s a starting point and can always be improved, looking at this design has given me an insight into what is expected and can give many ideas and there is so much room for improvement, I think the colour code use is clever because it falls in with A&E but I think the logo and the general look and theme is boring it wasn’t designed well and makes me want to forget the design and the information, the best feature about ‘choose well’ was the app it was easy to use and helpful especially the map system helping me understand the services and where they are located, it allowed me to find a easy route to the locations to, but over all I feel there is much to build on and as a group we could produce better.

NHS / A&E  Research 

As everyone agreed to go with my idea with the ‘NHS A&E under pressure’ as they are in danger of closing down. I did some in depth research to really understand what is happening and what problems they are facing, in order for me to know the problem and try present a solution to my team that we can work with.

A&E under pressure  

Originally we decided to merge A&E and the NHS  as one and create a new campaign that showed that they have become one and started to really consider what A&E staff and patients need to stay functional and still provide great effective service, but after pitching this idea to David, he wasn’t impressed with the thought of rebranding , he more aimed us towards creating awareness of the pressure the NHS and A&E’s are under and how we could create something that could help people stop putting pressure onto the A&E departments.


We now  had a direction and an idea so we started to create a mood map of everything we knew and needed to know about A&E, we also generated ideas on them to so we had a starting point.


Thanks to our mind mapping session I now had an idea that I needed to be researching and what information I needed to grab to help support the team with ideas.

I started by researching general issues about the NHS and then started to look towards A&E and look at what services they provided, what they advise and how they work then travelling onto researching on the other services that are available and their roll in the healthcare system.


Issue 1 – staff

The NHS is facing so many cases of understaffed A&E departments, this is due the Uk leaving the EU and could force staff from the EU to leave and go back to their countries, which means around 80,000 of them leaving the UK emergency department, not just this but most UK student nurses are leaving the country to work abroad so there will be a big gap in staff, when older nurses leave and are forced to prolong the process. They also have stopped advisories to students which seem to see the drop of students wanting to take the healthcare role in their education period and is turning into a big problem because the departments are simply understaffed.

Issue 2 – funding

Funding is a major part in the NHS, which seems to be all going to waste on resources that are not being used, they are estimated to be forking out around 30 billion a year by the year 2020 if things carry on the way they are now.

Issue 3 – expectations

The NHS previous focus was to tackle diseases and make sure people got effective service, they now have to face more expectations due to their growth, they now handle things all over the board, such as Healthcare management, contraception, mental health and social care they have to handle this as well a growing population, people living longer which has lead to bigger number population and more health issues with the elderly.

Issue 4 – growing population

After all the costs they are facing, the NHS still have to consider the growing population which doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, but it also has effect on how many people are needing ongoing treatment which conjure up a lot of funds to do and big part of where the funds are going from the NHS.

Issue 5 – A&E departments

More and more people are visiting A&E every year, in many cases they have minor injuries which is stretching the ability of A&E to function and cope, it is at tipping point and has in fact coursed the NHS to close down some departments in the UK which could potentially have a knock on effect if things carry on.

A&E and Other services

A&E – also know as ‘emergency departments’ or ‘casualty departments’ normally deal with genuine life threatening emergencies as the list follows –

loss of consciousness

•acute confused state and fits that are not stopping

•persistent, severe chest pain

•breathing difficulties

severe bleeding that cannot be stopped

•severe allergic reactions

•severe burns or scalds

The departments give 24 hour access to professionally qualified staff in all areas of medical attention including paramedics, A&E nurses, diagnostic radiographers, A&E reception staff, porters, healthcare assistants and emergency medicine doctors.

GP’s – are normally trained to deal holistically with a range of problems a person could have. They are highly skilled in diagnosis of the early stages of a condition, they know where and when to refer you to higher form of treatment when required they can choose ether to treat, refer a patient with any emotional and mental condition, common procedures include –

•one-to-one consultations

•drug prescribing

•diagnostics (near-patient testing)

•checking patients’ test results and advocating the right course of action to take

•running clinics, for example, for chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes

•implementing preventive initiatives such as prescribing incentive schemes, supporting carers and helping patients to be active partners in the management of their own health

•safeguarding vulnerable children and adults by prompt action

•carrying out general practice audits to improve systems and outcomes of care as part of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) target system

•improving patients’ experience of the GP practice by asking them for feedback

•doing official tasks such as signing repeat prescriptions and death certificates, filling out statements of fitness for work and preparing letters and reports

•being involved in decisions about upgrading equipment and premises

•undertaking professional learning and development and preparing for revalidation (every five years)

Minor injuries and urgent care centres – focus on developing ambulating care in a dedicated medical facility outside of A&E, Urgent care centres treat great injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care, service they provide –

•Sprains and strains

•Broken bones

•Wound infections

•Minor burns

•Minor head injuries

•Insect and animals bites

•Minor eye injuries

•Injuries to the back, stomach and chest

NHS helpline 111  – is a none-emergency helpline, its easy, fast and free to call, it allows        access to a processionally qualified advisor who are supported by professional

healthcare staff, they will ask questions and based off those questions can direct you on the best action to take.

(NHS also have a website that explains everything @ NHS.CO.UK)

A&E Main problems

A&E face many problems everyday but they are recently under so much pressure and now are at breaking point, I wanted to know what they really facing and how I could find a solution to their problem I started my research off on the computer then try getting some interviews but ethics got in the way, these are the problems I manage to find –

•A&E near enough at Armageddon as they simply don’t have enough beds to keep up with demand of patients coming through the door.

•Frail and elderly pack in as GP’s struggle to cope.

•Half forgotten patients over flow rooms

•Not enough staff to cope with the never ending patients coming through their doors on a daily basis.

These issues seem to suggest the same that there are just to many people visiting A&E with minor injuries that could be seen some where else and just are adding to the daily problems together with A&E generate now which is not an ideal scenario.



To many overflowing A&E departments with minor injuries that could use other services.


To educate people on the other services that are provided in the UK so it doesn’t lead to wasted resources and a overflow in A&E departments.


The NHS itself faces so many problems with budget and resources which then has an impact on the A&E departments, some departments are being forced to shut down to save money, A&E don’t face that problem alone, I learnt that A&E is under so much pressure, due to the ever growing population that it simply can’t handle all the patients it’s requiring, the overflow of patients are pushing staff and resources to braking point where that they can’t cope, they cant provide efficient treatment to their more severe cases due to all the minor patients coming through the door. On top of that the departments are understaffed and have many complaints that to redevelop frequently they and doesn’t get fixed. I think it would benefit the NHS and the A&E departments if we tried to create and animation that could educate or create awareness on the other services that are provided in the UK such as NHS helpline, GP’s, walk in centres and so on so these people can make an educated decision and pick the correct facilitates which will to hopefully then relieve the pressure on A&E departments.