Elbow Grease Magazine: Afterlife


Elbow Grease is made up of a team of 3 and they are Tom the art director, Josh the editor and John the business man these three combine to design, create and publish their magazine. Tom is the main guy who basically came up with the idea of creating the magazine, he decides how the magazine looks and flows, he is inspired by great content and hates minimalist magazines he wants people to get the more for the money they pay, his idea of a great magazine is something fun interesting full of ideas and something that can be put in your back pocket, it can be ripped apart and used for ideas. 
During their talk they gave advice how to start up a business by using their journey as a example and in fact they are still currently on their journey to really push this magazine further, but during their talk I managed to take notes and take away some key advice in starting my own business, I was bit disappointed that he didn’t really come forth with the actual design of the magazine talking about their spreads and so on but I did take away other lessons. 
First lesson is to know what I want to do and then know how to hit my target audience, once I know I need to consider what I can bring that is different to that audience, something for them to keep coming back to, something they cant get somewhere else, something that separates me from others. 
Now I have realised what my brand or product is, what it does and stands for I need to produce an example. its has to be on point, it has to sell, it is the first impression for that person or client so it needs to be perfect. 
Now I have an example of my product and it has been produced, I now need to consider how I can sustain my product and analyse how I can get a income to start creating more to fit demand. Then comes the important part where it will be placed how will it look in that certain environment does it fit and can it be apart of the environment as well standing out from the rest. These are all important thoughts to have, because if I just chuck my product out there its more likely to fail. A great piece of advice from Tom is that individuals that are involved with the product, as with his magazine they should give you important feedback, Tom would ask the shop owners advice as they need to make profit so they will tell the truth. 
The best thing to do when you start growing is to make sure you have the right people around that you all have the same direction and know where you want to take this product make sure that the people around you want to succeed and are not just in it for the ride. 
Now that my product is selling and its evolving, it’s important to analyse how much income I am gaining and how I can use that money to gain more resources and grow over the country, but I always have to be ready for failure most businesses, do but it shouldn’t ever end there, I just need to get back on the horse and come back stronger. 
My opinion
The look of the magazine is really professional and is great but the price is £10 its way to high for a student and so which falls against ripping it up and being a thing that isn’t so important I know for a fact if I spent £10 on a magazine I would highly value that magazine I wouldn’t want to rip that up at although fold it to put in my back pocket so in this I say the value needs to drop. Tom also said he hates minimalist design but that features in the magazine, I understand his view on the pace of the magazine so some times it does need to be slow downed, my feedback is that to lower the price try find ways to cut cost even more because for what the magazine stands for doesn’t really express in the design and most importantly the price, Tom said himself that magazines are going back to the old ways where they are printed on cheap paper and binned together by string why not research that and find away to get ahead of the game find something different in that.  
Todays afterlife was very interesting and was very helpful, if I considered a future in creating my own creative brand, its given me a more insight to the the main pillars I need to have in place before even considering creating my product and so on, but I also learnt that its important to know how to collaborate and how great it is to consider the peoples practices can help better my own Tom, John and Josh seem to have a great working environment and its always important to have that, the magazine looks great but I did notice some faults to their pitch and actual product.