After playing with the title and finding a solution to that, I wanted to move onto the body of text in the article and how I can use the same type of method into that, I wanted to try and hide parts of the information within the article and make it harder for the reader to really get the full story so playing into the article it self on how things are blurred and hard to find answers and the truth, I was stuck on how to actually go about this and David pointed me in the right direction by suggesting about using strike throughs he shown me some examples and directed me to do some research on the website he shown me. So after I thought it over, rather than just getting rid of information randomly just to create the effect I decided to use the title to introduce the feel that Trump himself looked and edited the article crossing things out as well as misplacing important information on the page, so the idea is since I made the article title seem like someone was asking Trump for the truth he would be involved in overlooking the article and editing it, I want the viewer to sit down and really read the article my plan is at a first glance the reader would miss parts and question the article therefore making them read it over again to really find the whole story instead of excepting the first version they read, so it really does play into the article story and plays with the whole concept of finding the truth.


Strikethrough is a font effect that causes text to appear as though it is crossed out. For example, this text should have a line through the middle of it. The strikethrough effect may be enabled through font properties if a program supports it, or applied to text on a web page using the HTML or CSS.

I then went to research the website David sent me, it allowed me to see how other designers use strikethroughs in their work and how it can create great affects and really in power a design, it can allow you to single out important information or ether disrupt it, which in my eyes feels  really cool, it can even just play into a style, but I am more interested in highlighting information and distorting it, but I went through the website and decided to select six pieces that I consider good practice which is shown below

Here is the link to the website, there are many great examples of strikethroughs used over the years in design –

After looking at other designs I then wanted to do some experiments of my own to see where I could take this and what media I could use and which  best fitted the style of the article, so I decided to do a digital version with strike throughs and some hand made ones using tape, pen, ink and paint.

After looking back over the outcomes I decided to use one from both one digital and one hand made, I decided to use the strike through tool for the digital and then tape for the handmade. The reason for this is that they easily cover over the text as well as creating some interesting shapes, I think these two together can create a great effect and a good look to the article, making it more visually interesting to look at and allow me to create the puzzles I wanted within the body of text.


I was glad I sort help from David he had a great solution to my problem and allowed me to explore something I enjoyed and I am very happy with the new concept I think its strong and it will play well along side the article, I also think it will look visually interesting and would attract my attention, the only thing left is pulling it off and producing the outcome.