London Conference&Studio visit

I was very excited about this trip an dit met all the hype around it, I was looking forward to the conference and especially the studio visit where I went to Dear Studios, I really wanted to see the city and really explore and feel a design studio which I will talk about later, because I  plan to work in London and hope to establish a career there in the future.

Designer 4 conference


We all went together and was introduced to an old hall really but was great to see other universities there which was interesting, I believe there was about 4 others, but we all say down and the conference began.


It started with Mathew Shannon his talk was more a reflection on his career and how his experiences could help us to make sure we have the right skills to take in to our career when we move into the industry and what it takes to become a successful designer. Mathew has 20 years experience in graphic design, he’s worked at many of the big companies and is currently working as a art director.

Joanna Davies owns her own design agency ‘ZAK’ but her talk was more of a view as an employer, to what she would be looking for in a junior designer coming in to join her team, she also gave us an insight into what her agency does and how they like to produce their work.

Last was Max Baxter who also has his own design studio in Brighton (Baxtor&Bailley) and his talk was alittle confusing, but creative, talking about his journey and if I had to sum up his talk in my view is that there is no right advice when it comes to graphic design you just have to go on your own path to raise to the top and just enjoy it really.

Learning points

I decided instead of listing them and all the things each one taught me I decided to combine and say what I learnt from them as a collaborative lesson, since some of their points over lapped each other.

Passion, committed and determination is key to success and should always drive for the best don’t sell yourself short, moving on to briefs its always best to build a relationship with a client, it allows room to grow getting the best out of the project. I must always intergrate the brief make sure I know it in side out, once you think you know, think over again and then again the hardest part is processing and making sure you have the perfect idea, producing it is the easy part. keep my eyes open to every available opportunity because it allows you to know whats out there, I cant let things slip past me because someone else is ready to snatch it up, its best for me to have a mentor within the industry to guide me through my career,it needs to be the right person for me, the best way to stay in the game is to always know the world and its current technology trends, a great designer must always be able to adapt ether their project or the outcome, this will happen at some point in my career I got to make sure I’m ready for it. Communication is key in graphics but it doesn’t have to be complicated, simple is the best policy when it comes to communication, always create work that tests people and is different and some one will share it, it also gives clients and agency something to different and everyone always wants to be better wether its a designer agency or business its just how we make money, it helps to create your own projects they seem to come hand in hand with creating different content but it allows you to grow as a designer, as a designer I must always consider the impact my work has on the world how people look at it how they respond and react to it, finally coming to my journey and how to approach getting my foot through the door to start my career, it is important to have a great portfolio that shows my personality and difference I could make to a brief ‘the new thing’ as Joanna put it, once I have my portfolio I need to make sure i do my research and make sure I know where I’m heading and what I’m going to get out of that company most likely look for the agencies&studios that are wining the awards but its not to panic if you don’t whats great about our industry is that you can build on it everything is an experience that helps you become a better designer but Max’s version is the comforting for me and the deeper meaning to his talk on how you can really prepare for your journey into the industry, you must do what you think is right, trying to do the best you can always wing it just do it and make sure you enjoy what your doing and be equipped for anything fake it till you make it.

Dear Studios

Dear Studios was a very interesting visit and allowed me to see theres always more than one way to work and that each studio has their own philosophy while working on briefs for clients, Dear Studios was very relaxed place in my view walking in the bug open spaces and the tables that run trough the office making it easy just to tun around and talk and have a coffee that was evident due to the room being infused with the smell of coffee which I’m a fan of. We had a small tour of the building, and the actually designer studio and the finance floor which was very interesting, but the real interesting part was when we went to the board room and he began the presentation Dear have a different approach to working on their briefs where they actually look towards the human behaviour, the way Dear tackle this is by looking at the long effect on behaviour of the human from when they interact with the brand from start to finish this ends up them creating a time loop to see how the brand looks and feels to the client and its consumers. This method is a very effective for them it allows them to pin point the pros and the cons of the brand they are working for, but the time was very short and I felt I was a bit cheated to only having an hour of being in a actual studio, I wish I could of had more time even to just sit and take in more of the studios, but I guess I must push for that by working and actually gaining a job in a actuals studio, but here is a example of a time loop below.



London was very lively, there is so much going on all the time, the streets never stop from the shops to every ally way its very intense place to live even though you always next to someone it can be lonely too, I never realised how big and easy it is to get lost, but I managed to get a bike with some of my piers and explore the sights of London which was great fun and was a great experience but here are some images I took while travelling through the city.


London is a great city full of life and massive never ending, but the real great experiences was the conference it really did teach me a lot and help me understand how others see the world of graphics and how the adapted to become top designers, I do admit I wish I was already in the game hearing them talking about their work and how they getting paid for it was truly inspiring, but I felt this will be one important part of my life because some of the real lessons I learnt and how I experienced my first studio visit it was so care free and payed back and just producing from what I saw but thats only a glimpse and I know there is so much more to it than just that, but I am looking forward to getting back to my own projects and producing great work.


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