Lee Fairbrother: Afterlife 

“Good is the enemy of Great” – Lee Fairbrother  
Lee Fairbrother is a creative thinker who is an art director/ designer who is based in London, he is a very keen entrepreneur and has founded several digital businesses and is currently working at a digital company as an art director this company is called ‘Accelerate’. 
Lee’s talk was very specific and formal on what he expects as a art director from a designer and how he believes a great designer should work and needs to do to be a great success in this industry, so these are the notes of his advice and learnings I taken away which I thought was most helpful. 
  1. First is my portfolio that its essential part of the process in getting a job in the design industry, my portfolio must show my skills and potential, its got to show that I can bring something different and then its got to portray my personality through out the portfolio in my work and my presentation. 
  2. I then need to research what job I want, I need to know whats out there and consider where I want to go, what working space I need how will it challenge me, how they can improve me as a designer and can I produce award winning work at this agency, studio or company. 
  3. On top of this as a designer, I always need to keep learning its important to keep up to date with all the new trends and technology I need to be an expert in all aspects of design to have that awareness whats happening in the world around me and else where. 
  4. I need to learn a process that works for me to produce work efficiently and at good pace, its always best to learn a process that works for me sooner rather than later as it will help me in future projects to always  achieve great outcomes and keep on top of all my projects. 
  5. Always consider the process between the idea to the execution it will always look great on paper but I always got to consider how it will work in real life, can it exists in the real world, your idea is always going to change as you go through your project but its important that you are ready to adapt and to carry on find a alternative outcome that works for you and still keeps within the brief. 
  6. Its a great to try to keep you design simple and easy to grasp and read in turn the design will communicate more if its done right and it always looks nice, simple and modern.
  7. Its a must that you scamper and sketch get all of my ideas down and that I don’t forget because one of them could be a award wining idea its more likely to will be if you keep producing the ideas.
  8. I now need to get into the habit of understanding the process of feedback I need to know its not personal that its for the good of the brief that if something isn’t working that your team has your back to make sure your hitting the requirements of the brief and when you give out feedback make sure its always constructive, don’t just tear someones work apart for the fun of it. 
  9. Its a great idea to start my own brand it allows me to produce my own work then style and it allows me to claim it and stamp it out there for all to see. 
  10. Its important to find a creative environment where your comfortable, ideas flow easier and then you can produce work effortlessly,  a great creative environment it can be any where. 
  11. Its a big must to take every opportunity that comes your always should get paid don’t work for free because at the end of the day your there because they want to use your skills and you should be getting paid for your time and effort don’t sell your self short.   


Todays talk was very simplistic and straight to the point, there was some great advice and ideas to consider taking forward in my quest to create my career in graphic design, but most importantly it was great to get a view from a art director finding out what he looks for in a designer and how he consider them to progress and expect off his employed designer. 

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