Editorial Worksop 

Today we worked in groups to produce three, two page spreads by selecting a articles on a subject that we were given by David we received the Cuban Revolution back in 1950’s and only had a one and half to produce them, I shown up late so by the time I joined my group they already have chosen a typeface and article to go with it, was just a mater of me creating my spread, but this is what I managed to produce in that hour.

My spread

day project

I has so much space on one side of the spread so I decided to use some repetition to really drill in the what the article was about to keep the viewer interested and fixed to the page, I think the font it self provides beauty to the page it self and it allows the viewer to flow into the page fully aware of what the article is about that is my view.

Team spreads 


We then presented them on colour paper and have feedback, I wasn’t able to hear the feedback, but I felt our outcome was strong for the time we had and actually gave a modern turn to the subject and I think we worked well as a team.


This workshop was very simple and easy I felt i wasn’t challenged but enjoyed creating the spread, it  was a  practice one, before actually creating my own but Im ready to start producing but this excerise actually shown me how fast and easy you can produce one, as well to see others work and see early hand what they consider good design.


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