End of Animation & Ephemera

I am very happy with the outcomes, we worked well as as a team, but there was some break downs within the team, I believe it was more towards communication as we didn’t have enough face to face time to make sure we are all on the same wavelength, but we all did are own part to contributed to the team and projects. I thought the animation flowed well and the colour pallet helped keep everything together, and the sound effects added more to the animation, but I felt my audio let down the animation, it lowered the standard which is why I originally opted to get rid of the audio and just go with the sound effects and animation plus music but my team decided against it, although I’m still happy with the outcome  that was produced. I enjoyed seeing the animation coming to life and that my illustrations was feature in the animation this was an achievement in my view.


Printed Ephemera

The process of creating this poster was fun and I was glad it was made use of, but the poster isn’t really linked to the animation more due to the app which I think is more the main answer to the problem we feature in the animation.  I think its a nice piece of advertisement but i do realise there are some spelling but due to the exhibit timing we did not have time to alter them, but its something to consider in the future to make sure it doesn’t happen again. When talking to Ellie Reid, she expressed some concerns about the poster about using black and she didn’t feel it actually fitted and that I should get rid of the black and play with it  to try to get it to suit the animation, so taking her feedback into consideration I played some around with it and created an alternative poster.

final compo

Digital Ephemera

I really enjoyed creating the icon for the app it was great fun exploring and creating it, I think its a strong design due to it fitting in within the function of the app as well having a visual metaphor that fitted in with healthcare as well our animation which explains the heartbeat through the location point, I also like the design of the app Ellie created, I thought she did well with the limitations of the style we were working with and I feel that me and Ellie Hopson collaborated well.

Exhibit and Presentation



Overall I’m happy with what we produced, although I feel  there are some serious breakdowns  with communication at points which didn’t help us as well the absence of are team leader who was Ellie Reid. But  we adapted well and move on with the project which was a great experience as I feel that it put me in a new situation that I can now know how to handle and bring to future projects, I didn’t enjoy after effects to much but I think its due to my like of knowledge of it and need to practice more to refine my skills,  because it is a great feeling when you achieved something so small. My favourite part of this project was the app icon,  reflecting on the project I realisie that I need to ask for help when needed, as well managing my time better is key factor in future projects, making sure I stay on top of things. I did enjoy the project and I feel it was a good experience for me.


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