Gareth Strange

Gareth is a graphic designer with a passion for illustration, photography and experimentation, his career has taken him between two companies one being ‘ Brand Sixty Eight’, these companies has lead him to some great projects, such as working with UFEA Champions league to brand Cardiff to then rebranding Cardiff City FC with his warm expressive typeface, he now has his own brand called ‘ Strange Love’ and has recently started a business with his fiancé ‘John & Jane’.

His talk was very passionate, his  views on graphic design and shed light on things he wish he done when he was in uni and what advice he would give himself leaving uni as a student.

He begin by saying that its always best to know how to sell your work and gave a example of how bad selling will result in and his version resulted in his client saying “you look like a designer but you cant walk the walk” this has shown me that things cant always go your own way and always just take the experience as it is and then learn from it.

He moved on to say that great design is what you do with the tools you are given, you have to adapt if you can adapt you can near enough work anywhere, a great point he said was find you passion and what you good at because that can separate you from the rest and could give you something different to offer clients and companies and then you can turn your passion into money.

He taught me the difference between subjective and objective and that both should always be considered at the start of the project what you want from the brief and how you can achieve that within your view and pleases the client, he then went into how as a designer you should be always evaluating your work and to stop think and see how much you improved because design agencies wont tell you what level you at sometimes it takes confidence to say to your self you should be earning more, on top of that he also said its important to keep experimenting and taking up your own projects because it allows you to explore thing sin your own way and allows you to take your work to another place then not allowing a brief to restrict you everything can be a opportunity to make money should never work for free, have confidence in your self.

There is no such thing as a shit project he suggested which I didn’t agree with but I did agree that you have to make the best out of it and you could also try change it if not just have to bite the bullet and try find something within it that you can relate to then adding that no matter what we create that we should love and share are work because that allows people to see it and it could again lead to an opportunity that then lead to him explaining the importance of social presence that it can be achieved by just getting out there and talking to other designers or creating an Instergram account and sharing your work on that.

Gareth gave some personal views on great books to consider to read and considers reading a great way to learn new methods and inspire you to become better and direct me to these two books ‘Design is a job’ and ‘the elements of typographic’ he then finished on the best way try get work which his advice was be a bit cheeky doesn’t always hurt to ask as you might not see them again, if you have a chance at a placement do it don’t be afraid they actually are really helpful, always get involved in controversial conversations on design you can end up talking to one of the greats and they might remember your name and it be a great icebreaker in the future if you do see them and finally never take criticism personal its for the good of the brief always move forward with reason.


Gareth’s talk was more a personal side of the industry and was very interesting to listen to it allowed room for trial and error for him and to think that it taken him 8 years to get his creative process shows its more than just a job hearing that made me want to get my creative process down by the time I finish university that is one of my aims, I also felt it was great to hear that everything always doesn’t go perfect when you do get the job and theres always more to achieve in the industry, I must admit Gareth’s journey is something to remember and to always consider to reflect on in future times to make sure I am getting paid enough because at the end of the day that keeps us progressing in the world but I enjoyed todays afterlife and I felt I came out with more to ask about my self which is great in my eyes.


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