Poster / App Ephemera

Poster process

After researching and gaining some inspiration I decided to jump into sketching my ideas and trying to see what ideas I could generate and  use the research to improve my poster designs, I then decided to base my ideas around ether illustrations or type, in the end most of my sketches came out more type based and was more experimental within the the space I had but here are my sketches –

I decided to then look through my sketches and see what had the potential to be moved forward and took on around 4 ideas, once decided I then brought them into illustrator and indesign to create the posters these was the 4 ideas I managed to create –

The first was very basic, I used our slogan about saving the A&E and just directed them more toward the help line, i used the colour theme that the animation used It was more reframed back to the animation and the style of it which was quick easy and nice to look at. The second poster was more an illustration of a problem the A&E departments that they are facing which was aimed at the over flow of patients that visits A&E departments and constantly wasting resoucers, including nurses and doctors time, which can be seen in the illustration I created, my idea was just to make a series of these that shows the problem in a minimalist eye catching way and draw attention to that. Third poster is more like a stamp format that its one colour and very simplistic design and was more just a through out there design. Forth and final design was more towards my experimental side of type posters and feel is very strong in graphic terms but doesn’t give to much communication, keeping again to the animation with the colour pallet so it links in with the animation but also creating an abstract image of a city from a birds eye view and making it look like a maze which links back to the app we were creating so it has the sense of the two aspect of the projects the animation and ephemera.

I then consulted my team, piers and lectures on what they thought of my posters and many they were all moving towards my experimental type poster, but David gave me more advice on giving it more context because it was a nice poster so I decided to direct it more towards the app and took away a small space to then add some limited text which then turn the poster into a more advertisement for the app but David also liked my first design because of the simple nature so I decided to include it, here are my two final posters –

App Icon process

After coming to the end of my poster design I then created the app icon for the app Ellie was doing, I started by looking back at my research seeing how others have produced their icons and how they played on words or the actual function of the app and so on I then looked at our app and what its function, name and what the hole subject of the app was and decided to look towards the function of the app which  was to help save are A&E and healthcare by helping people to understand the other services and where the nearest location of these services are to that person, I drew up some sketches –


Then following that brought them more to life by placing them into illustrator and creating a more detail version of the sketches to see what I could take forward –

app covers

I then decided on the logo, it has the location point with the heartbeat going through it after talking and then really considering what the app was about it was the best fit and summed up the app in its simplest form, I then took this forward and developed it further, you can see the development below –

So you can see I then made the image bigger and decided that that the heart beat wasn’t dominant enough through the location point and decided to create the two heartbeats more bigger within the location point to give it more presents because the location point seemed to dominate more, after I looked towards other apps and how they used colour to create a more vibrant design I noticed they have gradients in them which does add more to them so I decided to add one to my icon logo where it would go from a darker red to a lighter one which you can see, once finished I then decided to put it in a environment that it could be used and put it on a iPhone 6 home screen along side other apps –

iphone 6 app

Final Ephemera

I then started to reflect on the two poster more on the first design and decided to cut it from the final and the exhibit, I simply wasn’t happy with the design wasn’t comfortable putting it up so I then decided to replace that with the icon logo and the example of it being used on a iPhone 6 screen so it fits all in nicely with the rest of the board because Ellie put her ephemera of the actually functions of the app and how it would look on screen so here are my final ephemera’s


I was happy to contribute to my team by producing the ephemera pieces, I only wish I started on the ephemera much sooner and asked for help earlier on the animation so it could of been done quicker and that has shown me how it can have an knock on effect on the project if you just leave things and don’t address them sooner. It was unfortunate that I didn’t get as much time as I wanted because I feel it didn’t reach its full potential and I didn’t have enough experimentation or real grasp of the ephemera posters to really produce what I feel we could have achieved, but its a learning curve and one I have to be careful with in future to makes sure I address my struggles and ask as well it can help the project flows more for myself and the teamI am working with.


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