Poster&App Ephemera Research

After my animation process I moved on to creating the ephemera poster and flyer, before starting I was also required to create an icon logo for our app that allowed people to learn what services were provided and where their nearest service provider was. I started by doing some poster research and looked towards ‘Behance’ and ‘It’s nice that’.

I tried looking at some healthcare posters, but most were very boring and didn’t seem to have any creativity, they were just full of information that could easily be ignored, which I didn’t want for my design, I wanted something simple and attractive with very little information as possible so it was easy to grasp and straight to the point.

I managed to find some great examples of minimalist posters on Behance, these are a great collection from a movie festival, some from advertising and others are products, here are some of my favourite examples from the collection they are great –

I really like the 3D effect on one of the posters its really interesting how layering colours can create this effect but again I am more interested in the way they used simple shapes or lines to create a effective imagery that could attract a crowd, they are mainly used to be satisfying to look at, here is the link that feature many more check them out –

I then wanted to look at something completely opposite, I wanted to see how I then could have expressive typography while using it in a poster format and how I can then expand on it on my design to see how I can mix the the two styles creating a minimalist expression, I  love these designs, they are great and I’ve learnt the logo was created by the amazing graphic designer Paula Scher, I also grabbed some posters and ephemera I liked which can be seen below, but they are designed for ‘The Republic theatre’ but here is the link have a look you can find some great inspiration here –

Interactive digital poster

I found this more interesting ephemera idea, that was posted on ‘Its nice that’ it was made by a design studio called Feixen the digital poster actually has hidden musical features inside and can be explored by playing with the design.The design is modern very easy on the eye but the interactive side brings the poster design to life its really something, it’s new and brings forth that modern age design I really consider this a great practice and I would be open to experiment further in my career, here is some examples but follow up on the website to really see how these digital posters interact and work –

 Aurelio Sanchez

I still wanted to see how I could create some sort of style to be provided with the ephemera and still be linked back to the animation so I looked and found another great project produced by graphic designer Aurelio Sanchez’s who uses a minimal style to create the branding talks and lectures from the SIW but uses inspiration from brutalism, here are some examples, they contain great work –


APP Research

I was asked by Ellie to help her with the app we were producing, we agreed that I would create the icon or logo for the app, she would create the content and collaborate in the end to finilise everything. I began where every one else does with research and found some great examples from Behance, I just wanted to find the basic style of icons and how most were created and how simple the design could be but these are some great examples of app icons and how they were created, in this I have feature some great examples and some of the process of how the new ‘WhatsApp’ icon was created, here are my examples and the link –


Whatsup icon

This was the process for the new ‘WhatsApp’ icon which is a great project and is very well designed, here is some images and the link –


Poster research help me to understand how I can achieve simple yet effective design by using minimalist style by collaborating that with expressive type can create an effective but simple style and can create a design with simple imagery and adding context by adding some very simple text or can be achieve by using a very clever image but there is a very fine line in communicating information in away I do understand, as for my app research it helped me understand how I can show the context of the app using wordplay or by what the app does and its name but there are many other ways to venture down depending on the app but I believe I have found a effective way to create my app icon and  be ready to start my ephemera design.


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