Animation – Work and Process

I was looking at the storyboard and was struggling to envision something what I could explore until Ellie Reid uploaded her alphabet and 3 second animation to are group chat it really help me spark some ideas I really liked what she produced and it was very interesting to see here colour choice and her over all loose typography, I was a massive fan of the colours and thought the colour pallet was great and it sparked some ideas, her text and colour pallet again also reminded me of the lyric music video of Ed Sheeran’s song ‘shape of you’  but here is her alphabet and 3 second animation :-

elleis apla

I think the style already has hit our target audience who are everyday people young and older who use the medical services but are not formally fond of others and need to be educated on them, I think the text is loose enough for children but as well adding some elements that are finer really help target the older audience we want to capture so combines the two in my view which is very clever I love the idea of heartbeat beat in the animation and think it should carry on through out the animation in a continuous line which I would like to explore further later on, but I took a look at the Ed Sheeran music video and loved some of the typography it produced in the video there are some great examples of kinetic typography, here are some frames I liked and the video itself :-

Looking at the video and text made me want to experiment with this style of really loose text trying to tell a story, so I decided to try do some easy experiments using illustrator and try recreate the style but explore in more with some very vibrant colours and make it look more like pop art – here are my experiments

Then looking at Ellie’s alphabet and Ed Sheerans music video I wanted to push my experimentation further by creating my own my own alphabet in illustrator but creating it more towards the music video style and my experiments, this was more just free hand and more playful than anything just to take it further so here is my alphabet and example :-

quick alphabwt

alpha example 

I wanted to push my experiment further and really play with the layers and colour I could get so I decided to play with my alphabet in photoshop playing with colour, opacity and how many layers I could get and managed to create some interesting things but the pink is the best I think

alpha example copytyo 4TYPO 3


Christoph Niemann 

I originally saw Christoph on a show I was watching he was so impressive to watch I really love some of his work and how he looks at the world then interprets that into his work, his playful mind, style allows him to tune in to the imperfections of the world and just simply play and have fun with his environment, the most impressing part I enjoyed watching was how he described his family life and the upbringing of his children through lego pieces so abstract yet so accurate, this made me want to adventure into his work more, the reason why I wanted to investigate Christopher further is because of his style and all the rang of media he used from digital to water colours, I was hoping he could help me open my eyes to creating my illustrations metaphors and approach them in a new clever way for my animation, I went to his website and found some great work on war which he has named ‘communised warfare’  where he has created these great small animations :-

I also read a great article of Christoph on ‘Its Nice That’ and it really was a good read, I would advise anyone a read it, but again it goes into further detail on how he produces and sees the world of abstraction, but adventuring deeper into his work again I discovered another great small project ‘ Google Doodles’ where its more suited towards our animation style and would like to try some illustrations in his style but here is his work and some of my sketches.



Ellie’s heartbeat 

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 16.35.11

Looking back at Ellie’s working looked towards her heartbeat which then created an idea of keeping that heartbeat line through out the animation, my idea of using this method firstly allows a navigation tool as well being symbolic for a continuous lines of events that will lead to the end of the survival of our A&E departments so it all links and flows nicely too I then drew up a storyboard to show my idea which can be seen below :-


As you can see it keeps all the original content but adds the idea of a continuous line and is more based around that, I thought it was a nice effect in the animation and could be featured through out the animation and ephemera, I also wanted to do illustrations that would fit to the idea as well the animation the heartbeat already adds the refine simple line feature to it so I wanted to create simple line illustrations to go along with that heartbeat line and could also fit into my idea but first I needed some inspiration and recalled what David shown me in a lecture as an example of good practice and it was an animation called ‘Shape’ created by John Kelly :- – Link to his website

I agree that this animation is a brilliant example of best practice and the love simple abstract illustrations in it, I really love the scene where he use simple shapes to create children running into a building and how he animated them was a real inspiration to me this was able to help me create my illustrations based off his animation and how I could achieve creating a similar scene in my groups animation these are some images of the scene I’m referring to –


Moving away from the computer screen I started to look back to our storyboard and then decided to take the content I saw and then try sketching them out in this simplistic line design while keeping it formal but friendly here are my sketches –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then once I was happy, I moved to the computer screen and digitalised them to illustrated them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then presented the idea and the illustrations to my team they liked the idea but felt the line should just feature in parts of the animation rather right the way through but they really did like my illustrations but only wanted to use the buildings, clouds/winds, figures and shine which was a positive outcome they then wanted to see how it would look with colours and how it could fit into the animation further so I suggested to say it could draw it self when the line comes out which they really liked the sound of so I started by drawing up a template of what the colours should be for the building which can be seen below as well Eillie featuring my phone in the work which can be seen to the right :-

house template


Now moved on to the animation it self and drew up a small storyboard to show how it would go which can be seen below :-

Scan 1 

I then moved this onto after effects, thanks to Matt’s lectures I managed to animate the lines moving and gain the building to start drawing it self but their was some major holes within the design of the budding which was hard to gain back which I then seemed the advice of the French guy forgive me Im not tot sure of his name but he wasn’t able to direct me to a solution but he did try another method which I was able to do. The idea was to create a mask over the building then pull it away which could create the effect of the building drawing it self basically like putting tape over a image then reveal it slowly by taking the tape off I also tried youtube which didn’t help I spent three days experimenting

with this scene but none was successful but here was the results of my best efforts.

After the third day and still no results we was running out of time and Simeon was confident he could animate the scene so I handed it over to him and then started to do work on the ephemera’s which would be a poster and a app that help people learn what and where services are nearest to them.


This project has been testing for me due to after effects its a very broad program its just insane but it gets easier with practice and time which I have found out you need a lot of patients in animation from planning and taking it to the screen but my journey has a been fun I enjoyed exploring other artists work and how they approach their practice and how they used them over different platforms, I also enjoying seeing the results of are animation within the group and making great progress I am also grateful for Simeon for taking over and helping me get the project done which has taught me another lesson about group work that you can use others skills to help you move along the project and have asked Simeon for private lessons for the future so I can gain a better understanding of aftereffects and then be able to take this into my future practice.




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