Aftereffects lectures 

Sessions 1 – animating text 

Today I learnt how we can animate type, we started very simple with just our name and moved from there on to more complex effects, we experimented with a couple of effects and the methods that could be used to animate the text on the screen, it was a very interesting lecture, much better than stop motion, which is a much longer process than aftereffects, but aftereffects is still a lengthy process that takes time an effort to produce work. We carried on creating different effects and compositions we then created a final composition which was very ugly to look at, but I got the concept the fun part was mixing text with a video and how we can get a greater effect by animating along side the video, this lecture was very helpful in my process creating an animation.

Session 2 – animating a character

Todays session was learning how to animate a character within an environment, our environment was a city so for the first part of the lesson we were learning how to create an image and import that into aftereffects, we created a city landscape, we created trees that would feature along side the given character, we then started to animate the characters, learning the fact that we have to create characters by separate parts and construct the character in aftereffects then move the parts you want to move into a loop, which gives the effect of walking,  you then apply it into a composition of the city, then you have a walking character in a city this was a worthy lecture but I feel better for it.


It was great help having these lectures to get the stone rolling on after-effects, I understand how much work must go into these animations and having patients with this project but I’m confident I can make it work but it would be better to have some further lectures on aftereffects to gain a better feel of it rather than just the two, my only criticism of the lectures is that we need more to get a better understanding of how to create these animations.


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