Animation Research

now we had a storyboard and a basic idea on what we wanted are animation to look like I decided to move towards searching and looking at animations that ben produced on the same area of are subject as well looking at some for their individuality, the aim in this was to try gain some inspiration, my idea was to seen what has been done before and try see how we can take elements of some and try put a twist on them to see where we could take it, it was was for me to see how you can take a serious matter and put a friendly twist on it so its not to horrible to watch or take in but these are some great examples I found looking through youtube and the internet.

How the Government solved healthcare

This animation is more about the American healthcare crisis and how it was solved by the American Government.

The animation it self is abstract which already makes me more comfortable watching, its simple and fun, I really like the texture feel the animation has and is my favourite part about the animation, the font used in the animation is loose but easy to read another great aspect about this animation is I like the way they animated some ones story and makes it feel like someones telling it to you which I feel is very effective way communicating to some one information.

The Girl Effect

This animation is about the abuse of under age girls and how we can help brake the cycle of this by helping them try get through education to help them gain a head start in life, I really enjoyed watching this animation and think its very creative.

Starting with the music its friendly which gives a slight distraction from the serious message but I think its more used as white noise really on top of the animation, I really like the texturised font and imagery they used which fits well against the white background, I really love the level of play between the symbolic imagery against the type in this animation its really effective and would like to try incorporate that into are animation I think it would really benefit are animation and fit well with are style, the animation I felt flowed wonderfully and just all supported each other and the three colour pallet was nice and easy to take in of the orange against the white and black, I really consider this great practice.

A True Story 

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 22.49.13


This animation is about a company who helps people find their perfect homes, but its more of an advert but I really like the general style of this animation and how the combined two styles in a way.

I really enjoyed the over all style of the animation how they mixed the textures with the digital loose lines and illustrations, there wasn’t to much type in this but had lots of dialog in it, which gave it narrative but I was more focused on how they mixed the two styles together really that was the main purpose in this animation but still great to watch.

Health Care Twitter 

The animation is more infographics than anything but I thought it was helpful to include it even though my group found it but I wanted to go back look at it further and it allowed me then to see where we could take this as a group, one option we had.

It was very digital based had no texture or marks in it just clean easy to read imagery and font, the over all style was fun and easy going from first glance and just allowed you to really see the information in a visual manner against the text which an infographic should do, the illustrations and animations was very short and simple but was effective because of it because it didn’t grab to much attention so the viewer wouldn’t loose sight of the text, this animation was more just a simply made animation but was very easy watching it.

Changing Education 

This is how the education works and how this man preposes it can change for the future generation but this animation really does have a different way which is clever and its more for me to see other ways of taking are animation and how we can go about that.

Its narrate based, I think its animated over a man presenting this to an audience which is the first twist rather than just having an voice over, the illustrations themselves make the animation easy going but really illuminates what the mans message and visions, this overall is a strong animation but it was presented in a more simplistic way which was very great to watch and consider with my animation


Researching and looking at these animations has shown mw what animations are at now and how they can push new ways of communicating to their chosen audiences, these animations has helped me understand the level of play and techniques you could use together to really make a animation come to life and bring forth that message in ether powerful yet friendly ways or even just to communicate stories, this research has also allowed me to consider how I can push my animation further in the level play it presents and how it talks to my viewers, I hope I can reach this level with my group and try communicate are message in a creative way that speaks to our audience but its most importantly inspired me to look at new was I can explore my media as a graphic designer.


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