Today we looked at storyboarding and how we can use them to ether analyse or create, Using them to tell a stories or express an idea we could have, it could shed light on are ideas on how ether a movie, film or animation could be created and should like and the story of course, we started the session looking at a few examples then went on to do are day task which was to create a storyboard on our given advert, are advert was Rock, Paper and scissors which was created by Android, the idea was to deconstruct and analyse the frames of the advert and try convey the idea of the advert through are story board. I felt are storyboard  did that and more, it was very detailed as a group we looked past just the set scene and looked at all the smaller details such where did the characters eye look and shadowed that into are storyboard I really felt as a group we did a great job understanding are task and the advert at the end the advert was a great joy to work with very clever and had that appeal towards families. here is are story board and the Android advert –  


It was handy to learn storyboarding as its an essential part of a process in creating a animation, it help me to understand what really needs to be included in the storyboard to really grasp the idea and show others what your trying to push at, it also helps to know what needs to be included and how you are planning on presenting that story, but todays lecture was a strong I felt as a group we came together  and nailed the task, I am looking forward to creating a storyboard with my group soon to get onto the experimental side and producing work.

Storyboarding – Our Animation 

I wasn’t in when the final storyboard was created which was very unfortunate but Simeon and Ellie did a great job of brining me up to speed of what they manage to create, they went through the inter process just to get to the final storyboard and was a great help, I saw the development from start to finish and how they wanted to show the strain of the A&E departments, the storyboard shows the current problems then presents the solution and it gives attention to more smarter decision making about their health care, where to go then what the services should be able to provide its mainly trying to educate people on the other services available to them. Here is the storyboards developing –


So they began at the start where they wanted to show how the pressure on the A&E departments and are at braking point, they then wanted to show this by ether making the letters A&E blow up like a ballon and near enough pop or by the words being crushed by the pure pressure which both ideas are very creative, the story board moves on to the problems of A&E starting with the overflow this is shown more visually where they want an animation of a stampede of people running into a A&E department, shortly followed by a scene with a clock then people waiting for a bed and that the staff cant cope with the purely high numbers of patients and are understaffed, this is then amplified by the typography that follows after the small scene of the clock.

The second part is of the storyboard is more talking about A&E being used just for emergencies and that its urgent healthcare and should only be used for that alone but it then gives the solution about the other services that should be used instead of A&E for the minor injuries, it then follows by presenting the NHS helpline and website that can direct you in the right way and give people an educated decision on what action they need to take in future situations. Here is are final story board –

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 19.34.34Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 19.34.43Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 19.34.53


It was nice of Simeon and Ellie to brief me on what they done and for the day of was off, they was patient with me and allowed me to still have an opinion on ideas and I can say im comfortable with what we are moving forward with, I am excited to see where as a group we can take this and think we have a lot of potential, I cant wait to get moving on with the research and taking on the experimental side to create a style for this animation, I understand already that the theme needs to be family friendly and aimed at all the general public but keeping it simple and easy to read, I also been given a role with poster design as well I’m going to create some illustrations for the animation but we have been given license to explore but we only decided on the colour theme now which will be blue, white and red which seems like a fine colour pallet to me, I am excited to bring this animation to life in the coming weeks.


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