NHS Choose Well research

I  researched to find if anything has been produced before on this subject/issue, to see what has been created and how we can improve it, I looked around the NHS websites and couldn’t find to much, till I came across the NHS wales website and found ‘choose well’.

Choose Well – helps you decide which medical attention you need for when you get ill or need emergency treatment and allows the NHS give the best positive care for the people.

‘Choose Well’ has its own website which you can visit @choosewell.org.uk and has its own self help number – 0845 66 47 as well as having a app that can help you understand what services are there and what they are.

Choose Well Logo

I started looking at the logo which is a thermometer with five different colours in it and starts from blue to red which to me signalises the emergency level but I really didn’t have a full understanding what it was about until my mum came and told me that they are the colour codes A&E use to determine the ranking system for patients to be seen the colour is as followed –

Red – seen immediately

Orange – within 10 minutes

yellow – within 1 hour

Greens – within 4 hours

Blue – when able

This helped me understand the logo and at first I thought it was a clever idea to use the colours as a main part in the logo, but I feel that the logo could have been produced better in my own view, maybe try different shapes or actually use a common theme of hearts I feel it was produced fast and less thought towards the presentation of the logo which disappoints me.

The website is vey basic and bright but is easy to read and not to hard to navigate through, I feel again the general over style and design of ‘Choose well’ is very boring and feels like the subject it’s trying to create awareness is boring it self makes me want to forget more then investigate more.

WebisteI then managed to find a leaflet template which also keeps within the style.


On the website I was able to download a poster design, this again is simple easy to read I also think that the two languages take up to much space and could be avoided if they made a pair instead of the one maybe this is due to budgeting but the design really does bother me and would I like to think we could produce better.

poster desgin

I managed to find the app in the App Store and downloaded it, I wanted to experience the app its design, the flow and how easy it was to understand. I just wanted to see how it felt in my hand, in my opinion the app is the best part of ‘choose well’ campaign is that the design seems to be better, it flows nice and its easy to read I really thought the map system on helping you find your near by service was really helpful and certainly  would be helpful in future use but the design was simple, easy to read and was helpful which is what I wanted from the app but here are some images below of the app and my experience using it.


I wanted to see how this design is presented in the A&E departments but didn’t find to much but was only able to fine a leaflet by the notice board with a fridge sticker inside which is a good idea which allows you to always keep it in a place you use daily and can remind you here is an image of me using it on my fridge.


It was great to find a design that already exists because it’s a starting point and can always be improved, looking at this design has given me an insight into what is expected and can give many ideas and there is so much room for improvement, I think the colour code use is clever because it falls in with A&E but I think the logo and the general look and theme is boring it wasn’t designed well and makes me want to forget the design and the information, the best feature about ‘choose well’ was the app it was easy to use and helpful especially the map system helping me understand the services and where they are located, it allowed me to find a easy route to the locations to, but over all I feel there is much to build on and as a group we could produce better.


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