Field four/ Propaganda posters/ Group exhibit


Following my research on Atelier Populaire, I turned my attentions towards my research on Rob Petters and Harris Stratton to learn their story and while gaining knowledge of their story, I can then pick and identify information I needed for my poster design, my findings of  these men said that they attended these meetings of people talking about their experiences and feelings towards the Spanish Civil war and trying to recruit must of had an influence on Rob and Peter so I decided to create my design based on what one of these talkers said saying that “three beasts have been let loose in Europe” he was referring that Hitler, Franco and Mussolini and then that allowed play upon that statement, here is the example of what the speaker said. 
I then played on that “three beats” quote from the speaker and started to play around trying to create quick punchy lines that could be used on my poster design after many ideas and thought of what I wanted to say I decided to turn my poster design into almost an invitation to the public to join a hunt in Europe for Hitler, Franco and Mussolini which then lead to my final text I would use on my poster. 
JOIN THE HUNT – BEST 2  Mussolini 
I now wanted to consider what the typography should look like I wanted the general design of the poster to be string and be impactful so naturally I wanted bold blocky font to gain attention as well giving that sense of strength and urgency. I played around with may fonts and managed to bring it down to only three fonts which where Arial Black, Impact and Helvetica Bold. 
 I then turned the poster design into a hunt basically, like most cases of hunts you need an image of the hunted so I decided instead drawing beasts with symbolic features in them I decided to use actual portraits of Hitler, Franco and Mussolini I didnt want just any portrait of them I wanted  portraits of each that made them seem strong, dangerous and a threat that could potentially be menacing to Europe, which they were in all honesty which is why I chose these portraits for each. 

Insert image of three Portraits

Once I done my research, my planning and gained an idea, I then needed to get that down on paper and used a small mood board with the portraits I chosen to make sure I was able 
to link every thing together and make sure it made sense which can be seen below. 
I drew up some sketches of what I wanted my poster designs to look like including size competitions where the text would be, where the portraits would lie next to the text. I then went further and decided to give each character their own colour Black for Franco do to Spain and the republicans wouldn’t have to much money, Red for Hitler because of the German flag and what was on his symbol for the Nazis then Green for Mussolini because of the green in the Italian flag here are the sketches. 
Scan 7
I then brought the text and image into indesign to create a reference of the design I was looking for while printing, so I could look at and know where everything should be so these are the original references and competitions of the posters. 

What I wanted to learn from print

I wanted to go back to the process I already learnt, I loved the first time I did the process and always wanted to go back and experiment further and gain more experience in that media of screen print it just played in nicely with my research and style of Atelier Populaire. 
I wanted to gain further techniques in print and be comfortable in my new techniques so it can be used in my future practice as well projects to come, my last gain I hoped to get was to broaden my experience with print and have more understanding of what are the benefits of it and when to use it advantages to produce even greater work. 


Here are some examples I did with my images and type, I layered some, put more ink on some and less on others and even cut up the mixed them together as seen below. 

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print process 

First I needed to apply my portraits to a screen, I accomplished by using a photographic paste or paint that you firstly apply to the screen and let dry, once done it goes through a second process where an image is needed in this case my portraits which I then place into a machine that exposed light through the paper and screen which then leads a print of the images on the photographic material on the screen which is then washed and left and ready to use the next day, since that was done I then turned my attentions to creating the stencils for the type that would be used in my poster design, I used a stencils on ordinary paper, I had trouble keeping the bowl fills in the letters such as ‘B’ and so on so after much thought I decided to cary on with the bowls with paper but while the stencils was on the screen apply masking tape as the fill on the screen. 
I decided it was best to start doing some experiments rather than just jumping into my prints to see what would be the best method when coming to my prints so I decided to start playing with how much ink to add, I added different amounts of ink, adding more ink made some interesting results, it almost made the letters look 3D when dry some had waves within them which made the actual letter interesting, the less ink ones where just more parts was cut off and so on, then I came to more layering type and image which was interesting but was mostly the same but some great results which I decided to not include any layering in my poster design just simple first prints, I also decided to cut up text and fix back together with different colour to see how they worked together which was great so I knew they would make a great collection together and look nice when the posters was placed together, here are my experiments and the results. 

Print process

I decided to start my print session by deciding how many of each poster I was going to print which my final decision was 6 of each, knowing how many I was printing I started on my process creating my poster designs first starting with the portraits I placed them each at the middle of the page as was planned in the design I then left them dry for a day then came back for my second print session where I then started with my stencils of one part of the text which I had at the end of the session an image and one line of the text and let them dry again over night, my third session didnt go as to planned because for some reason I started to get seeping in my print which really did bother me and upon more research realised the paper I was using wasn’t strong enough for that many prints and was slowly decaying but I was lucky enough to gain some good prints before the end which all was not lost but it was a great learning curve for me but you can see images of my process below.

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Final outcomes



Group Exhibit 



This project was eventful, it allowed me to learn more about propaganda and its form of communication not only that but it also challenged me to read and extract information I needed to produce great work, as well allowing me to return to print making giving me a great experience with it, learning the techniques, how much to apply pressure and prep was a new challenge for me which I came to master, the experimental side of printing really gave me a chance to find another passion I have with handmade typography and colour to play with colour with print is a great way to experiment with as well layering them, another pro about this project it help me learn again how important it is to keep a continuous contact with your team but also know how important it is to actually meet with your teem in person to really gain a look at what they are producing even though every one produce good work I felt that as a unintuitive style we was far off and hated that fact, so knowing and experiencing this taught me in future schedule team meetings to really see and interact with what your team is producing to have a greater understanding where every ones at and to make sure you all want to create team outcome after all thats what are task was. 
I enjoyed looking into my research about Atelier Populaire learning the ins and outs of this powerful movement and how most of its pioneers were just students and teachers producing some strong imagery not only that but the thought of only one man creating endless amounts of posters for a cause and not even claiming the work he produced shows the power and belief of Atelier Populaire studios cause.
Over all this project was a very new and challenging for me to look at things and gave me the chance to really explore a media I wanted to play with for a while, it lead to new discoveries and let me find new things I now class as great graphic practice – Atelier Populaire and  would always refer others to this great movement, but the most important part is learning about team scheduling and how important actual interaction is vital in creating great collaborative design and have a consistent style right the way through the project and end result. 

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