Afterlife: Matt Bonccorsi 


Matt has worked for a coin making company called the Royal Mint for many years it has taking him on some amazing projects and journeys from making the rarest £2 pound coin in the UK to working on a project on creating African currency images, but his proudest moment was when he worked on the 2012 London Olympics medals which was a fascinating to hear about, the real lean over chair moment for me was when he went into to talk about his free lance career, it was interesting to see the process he went through to start out to then creating his own business and to think it all started by creating a coin for a client who wanted a portrait of the new Pope on a coin. The other inspiring thing that he introduce was he runs and creates his business in an office that is only 9ft by 10ft and is literally only made up with his home built computer and some other devices, its insane to think someone working in a professional manner is working in an office that is small, but it has shown me that it’s not all about the look and being flashy, all what matters is the finished product.


Matts reflection on his career

upon reflection, Matt went into some details on how learning these lessons really could help you in future and to really inspire you now, he moved on by saying at first you just got to be driven that is for every thing, if you’re not driven no matter how good you are it wont take you anywhere, he also added it helps to find something you enjoy and are good at, the other lesson he gave was in your career you always got to be ready for when your career hits a low point most of the times it happens you just got to fight through it, but he did inspire me by saying “Theres always events that are going to bounce you around always put you in a place you never thought you be, but you always need to keep an open mind and work hard but the exciting thing is your never know where you going to end up” this really was enticing, was a great obviation from Matt and really hit home to the reasons why I wanted to go down this career because the design world is so loose and exciting, the last lesson Matt said is ‘never work for nothing” because its nice to produce work but at the end of the day it really doesn’t help you, its better to gain something from it, bit more than experience but like he said these are his views.


Listening to Matt today allowed me to see how being resourceful can help you through most struggles, in this case it worked for Matt by helping him to create his business and that its always a bonus if you are already there, the journey from starting from nothing to gaining your own business was also very impacting in the fact he did it all using an office the size off 9ft by 10ft, it is very compelling as student, it shows it ways doesn’t have to be flashy and great to produce such professional standard work and designs, I did heed the advice Matt gave about trying to find the shortcuts because it will help you produce work faster and gain more from it. I need to develop them sooner rather than later and refine my techniques. Lastly it was a great insight talking about when do we draw the line when expecting projects, Matts reflection made sense because even though it might not be your thing it could lead into something that is and will never make you look back, I’m looking forward to learning from Matt for the year we have him and hope to gain more experience from him.


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