Propaganda lecture 

What is propaganda?

information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

Propaganda in general is  a message that has been created by a higher power to persuade you view on a certain situation or event, its usually used in political views which has accrued for many years especially in many wars and protests who want to boost their cause.

talk reflection 

Today we looked at what is propaganda and what was produced in the Spanish Civil War that was propaganda, we went through the many different posters that was created during the war, we looked on how each side portrayed their cause as well perceived their enemies, this was very interesting to see and also great to map out how they use visual techniques to communicate these messages it was more visual aspects but I also liked the typography that was involved it seemed strong and had impact to the designs but as well in reflection it shows a fine example of what text and image can do,  moving on to more of what David showed us, it was really great to see, I really liked the images he displayed of protest that was from Occupy London, the images had pick signs of protest but I was more interested of the instant design but still communicated well, but I found the style of these signs very interesting, that they had this immediacy about them, as if it needed to be heard that minute, another great story was about a man who refused to pay his tax because he hated the council and turned his own home into a protest against the council, which looking at the images really shows the style of immediacy again which really did speak volumes, it gave me an insight into a new way of communicating. I didn’t really understand, but now have a more of an account on it, now reflecting it shows me it always doesn’t need to be well thought out, it can just be in the moment just get it down in a material and be heard it’s a really cool way to view communication.

Spanish Civil War Posters

I decide to invest some more time in the two war posters to really search and gain a better understanding on the communications skills that were involved in those historical pieces, hopefully in return, I would gain by having a better understanding in propaganda techniques as well communicating in a different way as well having a insight on how these posters were produced in the war.

Un Marino, un Heroe 


In this poster you can see how they make the sailor a revolutionary hero as well looking further into this poster I also found out they had the same theme of visuals techniques for the front lines soldiers posters they produced, but the poster was produced to try and gain more applicants for the new navy the Republicans created in the war, the poster was created by a Spanish artist called Arturo Bellester Marco born in Valencia 1892 he grow up there, later on in his life he was an illustrator for several Valencia magazines but many consider his posters his most important pieces.

Snake and man 


This is a more powerful expression in propaganda posters, so it shows the conflict of the war in a scene of a struggle between man and beast, red shows the revolutionary side of the conflict which is implemented on the purely naked man which also signifies the purity of their cause, the body is musclier and has a stronger status in relation to the snake which  the snake is more coiled and pushed back which makes a scene that the Republicans are on a pure strong cause as the Fascism forces are more venerable, the poster was produced by two committees one called Nacional del Trabajo (NDT) and Asociacion interncainal de loa Trabajadores (AIT) which had control over the Valencia production process and created these posters

Occupy London 


After seeing Occupy London from our morning talk I went out to research them in more depth, trying to realise what they do and gain some strong imagery of their protests, upon my research I learned that Occupy London is a part of a global movement that was started in 2011 which was the year of protest, Occupy London decide to bring together the concerned citizens to fight for a new political/economic system that puts the people and environment first before profit, learning this aided me to understand in more depth of what I was looking at and see the beauty of this immediate style also seeing where David was coming from, but here are three images I think power my reflections.


We were asked to create a piece pf propaganda or protest sign, but the ideas was to focus more on the immediacy of the design as well it being able to communicate well, it didn’t need to be well thought out, the communication was key.


As a group we instantly decided to split in to three groups due the initial thought that we be able to accomplish more outcomes rather staying as one and only be able to complete one we also thought it be great to implement this method due to how loose the designs could be, create more, the three groups were myself and dan, Simone and Callum then James and Hedd, me and Dan decided to keep close to the idea of our Guernica where it can be created by expressive and created out of any material/ media which we could only get are hands on charcoal, paint, spray paint and cardboard , once settled on are message we then produced a very expressive background filled with colour and keeping within the propaganda posters used red to signify evolution then added white with our message on top, it was fun to be expressive again but as well take it off the screen and  gain more understanding of different media and have a more organic design process, we then came back together towards the end to see what we all produced which was great to see the difference in techniques and methods here are the outcomes.



Feedback was again silent not to much said except Davids view on that mine and Dans message was not to understandable but Callum’s and Simone’s word play was very strong and clever in response I thought we could take it further by combining the two designs and creating a stronger outcome.

Reflection on lecture

It was interesting to try a new method where we broke up into smaller teams, our theory did work, we produced more work for the time we had but even though each team had strengths I felt we also had weaknesses which by only staying together could be demolished, but it was a good experience trying this method out and will help me be more mindful when trying it in the future, however looking into propaganda has help me understand a different way that communication can work but I say its a more darker form of communication but it still has a method and structure and was great learning, experience I am looking towards the future and how these methods can be implicated.


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