Field 4 Introduction 

Introduction Reflection

I was looking forward to Field 4 due to all the exciting courses that were involved compelling me to believe that this was going to be a great experience for me to collaborate with other people with different views and backgrounds on design, I wanted to see what new techniques I could require throughout these couple of weeks of Field 4 and how I could introduce them to my practice but on recently finding out that we have been restricted to only 2 courses, this really disappointed me, making me feel that my learning had gone from an explosion of opportunity to a minuscule party popper. On further reflection I realised that at the end of the day I am still able to collaborate with illustration, which has made me optimistic to see what techniques, views and overall skill they could bring to a project and furthermore help me introduce new ways of thinking to improve my practice. The Spanish Civil talk was very interesting to think it actually related back to one of the lecturers and his uncle, but I was more fascinated, while I was doing research, looking at photography, propaganda poster and the famous artwork of Picasso which was great, getting lost in all the creative work from that piece of history and I am looking forward to the lecture on Guernica.   

Creating are Manifesto 

After all the research on the ‘first things first’ manifesto, as well researching the Spanish Civil War and seeing how the republicans influenced people to join their cause, it was interesting to create our own manifestos and see how after creating this manifesto what designs we could  create in able people to join our cause, we had a choice on which cause we wanted to join and I ended up picking Poverty, my reason for picking poverty was because I see it all over the world, advertised everywhere and still not much has changed for these people, it is like they have lost a voice and have disappeared into the background, this has happened because the massive greed of humanity  that has just waste money on pointless things rather being resourceful and putting that money into bettering the world we live in, I think it is time for the UK to turn, face the world and have a key influence in creating a better world for humanity, I wish to put my time and effort into these couple of weeks to be creating outcomes not just for my course and grade but for something that can be built on, something that can be extended out to the public, that can actually give some voice back to people who face this issue.

Our Manifesto 

The Epicurean Manifesto

“At the dawn of excessive gluttony, the time has come for a reappraisal of an anti-capitalist society, we the undersigned have had enough of poverty and greedy consumerism. For too long, we have obsessed over what we want and not what we need, we are disgusted by how we mindlessly waste money, down with capitalism! up with equality! “
This is what we managed to do in the time we had, but after many attempts to get my group to finish the manifesto and no one replying, I decided to leave it since we needed to move on with work and just work with what we got. This has taught me, it can’t go all your own way and sometimes things do need to be hurried and to organise time better. Overall it was an interesting lecture and I really enjoyed working in a group and creating our own manifestos, it will be interesting to see what work we can produce further, maybe we can now even create a new style. I didn’t care for the visual side of the lesson, we didn’t manage to create a great out come but still everything is an experience but I am really looking forward to creating a manifestos in a visual way with Guernica. 

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