The Spanish Civil War 1936 – 39  

How it began

At the start of the 20th century, Spain was a divided country due to economic and political unrest following the Great Depression after the Wall Street Crash. This caused worry with the people of Spain and led to the end of the military dictatorship. After this the uproar caused the King to abdicate and flee in 1931. Following this, the Republicans, made up of peasants, workers and trade unions, came into power for five years but were forced out by an army rebellion in 1936. This rebellion was led by the Nationalists made up of landowners, the Church, the army, and Monarchists and the Civil War started.

What happened

The two powers was then put into wings, right-wing Nationalist, left-wing Republicans, each occupied different parts of Spain which can be shown in the image below, but both wanted power over the whole country, at this time Spain was also an international interest, Hitler and Mussolini was quick to ally with the Nationalists just to gain a foothold in Europe, this resulted in Germany and Italy sending in thousands of troops and weapons into Spain to aid the Nationalist forces. This  also put England and France in a awkward situation, due to the fact that neither winning side didn’t aid their cause, so they made a mutual policy, that there will be no intervention from any of these countries would intervene in Spain during the Civil War, which created the issue that they couldn’t stop Hitler and Mussolini sending in supplies, which left the Republicans to rely on Russia and Mexico to donate supplies for their fight. After years fighting against Fascism, volunteers from all over Europe came to Spain to help the republicans, their aim was to help the Republicans to face off the Nationalist arms who hoped to take control of Madrid, which in the Republicans bravery won the battle and pushed back the Nationalists, after much more war throughout Spain the Nationalist managed to gain more land to the point it cut through the Republicans territories in half. Thanks to the Fascists the Nationalists become better organised and equipped to take and capture Madrid in march 1939 which then led to the end of the war.


This map shows the timeline of change of territory between the Republicans and the Nationalist from start of the war to the end.

What was the outcome of the war

The outcome, with participation and co-operation in the war, made the bond between Spain, Germany and Italy even greater, especially for Germany and Italy, another outcome was that Hitler had his foothold in Europe and had a greater position, that then showed Hitler’s strength in European affairs.


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