Today I saw a video on Aaron Draplin that really inspired me, such a great guy and his work is simply just inspirational. I love the fact that he just does design for design not for prestige, he collects what he likes and puts it into his work and thats what I think Graphic Design should be about I don’t know how I haven’t seen him or his work before but heres a link to the video I saw of him….

So following this I then decided to look further into his work and saw all these crazy, cool designs that simply look like he just has fun producing work. It seems like he hasn’t done a piece of work that he hasn’t enjoyed doing, but anyway here are some examples of his work so you can see what I’m on about ….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I say his website is a great way to be inspired so just take a look! :http://www.draplin.com/1998/01/nike.html









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