Today we learnt about expressive typography which was for me a really interesting lecture, I have touched on this before but not to the extent of producing work the way we did today. So we listened to an audio clip of someone talking, Then listening to the way he spoke and emphasised things within his speech and to try to portray that into type by using ink and a paint brush and just simply listen to what he’s saying, Heres an example of what I produced while listening to a small dialog of audio from Oscar Wilde where he said “I have nothing to declare except my genius”

forgive my spelling…


As I grow as a designer I am gaining a stronger understanding of typography which enables me to portray meaning into my work and have the opportunity to create all these messages by simply making a word bigger than another which makes it dominant in a series of words on a page, which can really impact the viewers view on that word and message and gain a section from that which to me shows me as a designer what impact I could have on the world or a persons life style.


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