Todays lesson we looked at layouts and spreads. We looked at what all elements could make a great design for a book, so following this I decided to go and find some more examples of book spreads and talk about their layout and include the elements within the spreads. This also helps with my project that requires me to create a sixteen page book and could give me insight what makes a strong spread inside a book.


SPREAD 1. I like the experimental text on the two page spread which does capture the eye of the viewer it then has the simple text on the upper left which gives a more insight of what we’re looking at, but in all its a very simple design.

SPREAD 2. A much more eventful spread within the body of text from the left towards the right but then we come to the interesting patterns that are on the right-hand side which draws you in at first but it also has context due to the meaning of the page which makes a much more interesting design.



SPREAD 3. The image expands through the two page spread which gives the layout a more busy feel to me and gives the viewer a more in depth look of the image, but then has the settle box of text with opacity that sits right in the middle of the page. Although I’m not a massive fan of two page images.

SPREAD 4. This spread I think is a great piece of work. I really like the big ‘micro’ which gives you a view point but then allows you to venture down to the smaller text and eventually into the nice negative space which then allows you to process the upper content of the page. Then we look to the right side you got this page full of body texts but he has left a box in the middle of the page but with text in it which draws me to and its a quote I think but ether way its a nice way to alienate something in the page.

spread3SPREAD 5. I like the over lay of text on top of the image I think its a great visual effect and interests me to read on already. But what makes me really like this spread is the actually slip of extra paper on top which adds to the spread on the right and the colour theme its has but the over all spread is a beautiful design wish I had a copy to look through and take even more notes.


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