For this brief we were asked to use the work of Hockney to inspire us to create a piece of work in a group of three that expresses a journey or collaboration to take our photos. I teamed up with Callum and George who became our model for this shoot. So we went a small trek around the building to find a prop or area we could use to express our journey. We came to this room which contained two ladders which had writing on the wall. So our idea was to use show the journey of George climbing up and down the ladder writing this message on the wall but using the photo links. So we took photos of him climbing up and down the ladder from one angle, once we traded the image we decided to go our own ways to create our individual version to then take back to show and see which one to take forward which then we decided to carry on with my version. My method was to start on a plain canvas then begin constructing the journey by using different images taken at different times, then forming it into one image of a single moment. So you see a moment but actually gives you more of an insight to the journey. Here is my process of the image  and the last large image is the out come….



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