So. For this task we were given near enough the same project but this time I had been given specific sizes to keep to, so again I chose Architecture but Sculpture as my second subject. Here is the list of sizes we were given…






What I decided to do was to turn it into centimetres so I could draw out the shapes so I would know what kind of photos I could take and what to consider when taking my images…



I now decided where I would take my images and did some research online so I came to the decision to do my photo session in the Cardiff Museum due to the great architecture features in the main areas. They have a fine collection of sculptures which can make great photo to experiment with in photoshop.

Once I had my photos from my session I decided how I should approach using photoshop on them. My method was ‘giving more by less’ just simplifying the image so I didn’t loose the original image by chucking too much at it. I started by turning the images into grey scale then applying duotone, then using white as a base colour for both series, then I chose different colours starting with architecture choosing a duller blue which seemed a nice touch but it was missing the texture in the photo so I decided to use the invert tool on the series, which then really brought the textures in each photo for architecture which I think then made a nice series. Now moving on to the sculpture series I approached it the same starting with where I had the white base colour but looking at the sculpture photos. Taking in account that the sculptures have a proud history of strong looking men.I decided to use a older looking type of red which in Roman times, red showed power so this was the reason for my choice of colour. I looked at the outcomes but felt it was to standard for my liking so I experimented with layers and opacity on each photo which I think gave the photo or canvas of the image much more to it and had more to consider. Here are the out comes for both series….


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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