Today I was asked to pick a subject that was to promote a course in a flyer form. We were asked to go out and capture four or more images of our subject, to then take back and edit them in photoshop to create a series of professional photos. The idea was to take good quality photos and edit them to create the feel that the course was well managed and had a professional feel to it. For my subject I decided to choose Architecture, for my photos I had to stay within the university grounds and so I decided to use the architectural features of the university (Cardiff Metropolitan school of Art). I explored most the building looking through rooms and hallways taking photos of architectural feature designs that I thought was interesting and had good value. Through my journey I found out how nice the building was and all its great features I even learnt about couple of facts about the building and how it was built. After I had about 40 photos and narrowed them down to just four, I then took them into photoshop and due to Ray saying “in their self they are great photos, be a shame to ruin them” I decided to keep my editing short and decided to turn it into greyscale and play with contrast and brightness. This is now my finished series…



After further talk with Ray I then came to understand that Ray would like to see much more experimental side to my work; which sitting down with him, he showed me some new techniques that could be used in photoshop to create much more exciting colourful out comes and show a greater understanding of imagery and how it can be altered. Here is a outcome that after been shown I created later….


Here you can see we layered two images on top of each other turning one image black and white and placing another image on top which was red and white and lowering the opacity. I then went on to play with the screens that photoshop offers and finally used hard mix screen which made this nice screen print screen effect. I would like to use this kind of technique in the project to come with Ray.


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