Todays consolation session was learning about the differences of sustainability and environmentalism. We looked all the different theories of these two subjects and what they could actually mean. Starting with sustainability.

From what I learned today sustainability in a sense means to do something and to make sure we can produce again, to make sure that it can secure us as humans for when it may ever be needed for use. So its more of a selfish act towards are needs these views have been expressed before through other major architects and scientists out there. Now turning to environmental and my understanding of the word. By my learnings of today means, taking in the environment whats it about how its works and how we can preserve the environment while we inhabit and proceed to live in it, so its a more of less selfish act and considerate of other things and its for ever lasting life. A man who supports these kind of views is James Lovelock – “Environmentalism is the new religion” This is a view he expresses in a new essay he wrote which is good read if you have the time.

Through the ages there were many influences that inspired us to consider these matters and even changed the way we went about doing things and change an entire generation to the right things here are some examples of these great people and events. You may want to have  deeper look into them to further understand the depth they had to these changes.

1798 – Thema Malitaus, the principle population

1931 – Gret Owl, 1st celebrity environmentalist – ” the men from the last frontier”

1956 – Peach Oil – massive decrease of oil

1962 – Rache Curson, a biologist – The silent spring

1971 – Green Peace was founded

1974 – CFCS first hypothesised

1984 – Chernobyl, nuclear explosion effects

Again these are only some events and people that affected the way we look at these two subjects in these times.

Architectural Designs and Ethics – Tools for survival 

This is a must read book. It was produced by Thomas Fishers and it includes his views of what can be done to have a more sustainable future for humans and the environment, a  ever lasting relationship. I am only going to say his suggestions but in the book these go into much more depth and detail on his views and ideas which I suggest are a good idea to read so here are some of his suggestions there are more.

  1. Superfluous form – make everything count
  2. Quantity – qualities
  3. Throwing away – recycle
  4. Igorning resources  – attending to the source question it
  5. Consuming things – treating things with care
  6. Wanting more – Seek doing less
  7. Expensive – affordability
  8. Cutting off nature – to be with nature
  9. radical experiments – evolutionary progress
  10. focus abstraction – attend to whats real

These are some ideas he expresses in  his book in order for the relationship of sustainability and environmentalism to exist not just one or the other which.

So for conclusion of todays lecture I want to take one of his ideas and find an image I think shows the meaning of his idea…

Cutting off nature – To be with nature


This is what that idea expressed to me. That instead of cutting down the trees and building on the ground they substituted and built around the nature and used the trees as the strong base and built the form around the nature creating the relationship of humans and environment more close.





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