Explicit and Implicit Imagery

Today we learnt about what explicit and implicit imagery is all about, starting with explicit. Explicit is where it is clearly stated and seen, it has no trick to it and is there in front of you to see. Inexplicit is where it is trying to convey a meaning to you. Basically you have to look and read into the meaning of the image, it engages the viewer to think and construct the meaning.

For are task we was put into pairs which we then had to create two portraits of each other one that was explicit and one that was implicit, we had to speak and learn about each others characteristics and try portray that in are two portraits of each other.

So my characteristics was that I was not really excited by anything, never really follow a plan. I am really care free and go with the flow as for Maris she was optimistic, trust worthy and likes to have fun so here are the explicit portraits…



By doing this I did learn the values of how an image can relay information by ether being straight forward and giving the information to the viewer on a plate (inexplicit), or it can do it by making the viewer engage and construct the meaning therefore making them read into the image more (implicit).



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