After sketching my ideas I then took my design on to the computer, I started by using illustrator to create my interesting imagery with the the typeface. After reading about Verdana I learnt how it was created, the idea is to be visually legible to read on a computer screen, I then decided to create a form, by using two letters and putting them together to make the viewer engage with the images and consider what two letters have been morphed together; So these are the outcomes that came out..


So the ‘H’ was made by two capital U’s and the other image was made by two capital W’s which I think captures my vision for my poster.

Once I finished my images I moved onto to look at what grid system I was going to use to create my layout in indesign, I decided to use a 12 grid system because most examples I looked at used the 12 grid system to create their layout.screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-16-11-16

After I created my grid I decided to put in my paragraphs first, then use them to scale the images against them. I wanted to make sure that everything fitted right with each other and the content in my poster was all in line.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 16.10.24.png

So here you can see me placing the paragraphs in for my starting point, I then followed up by placing in the interesting image of the typeface shortly followed by the title and then the alphabet and glyphs. So here is the final out come of my poster…


If I could do somethings different, I would start by making the apple logo smaller and really look at the spacing in the paragraphs because they are creating horrible rivers in the text. Another thing I would taper with is the alphabet and glyphs and make them bigger, but over all I do like the design and was interesting to find out some things about Verdana. Initially i was not much of a fan of Verdana, it did grow on me as I learnt more and I have much  more in depth sight of Verdana now.


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