Monotype is a print making process, it involves plates made out of metal or copper. These plates can have any thing on them from any image or letters, but in my example I used letter forms of plates. I used monotype to create a quote from a famous typographer called JJ Lee. He once said a quote in a interview “images are words”. This is a very simple phrase which I like. It makes you think about what he has said, so my view on his quote is that even when you read a word it just doesn’t stay as a word on the page for us. It gains life in our mind, we see it, we know what it is and we know how it is used creating an image in our minds. Another way I look at is most words or letters are just simply forms or could be just simply weird shapes, what makes letters and words actually words and letters are that we give these forms or shapes context, a meaning in the end…

I finally did my session on monotype learnt the process which seems it could be a lengthy process to do but you can gain so much work from that once you finished the long part creating the actual print but I managed to print several pieces of my quote but I decided to show the one I feel is the strongest, I have played around with the brightness and contrast in photoshop..

mono3 I like the little rip in the image it gives is more character.


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