After using my system here is the outcome….


You can see how much better the letterforms have come out. They are much more easier to read and have a more legible look to them. I also feel they are a bit more elegant than the other result using the guided version. I now wanted to test the legibility by creating a word by using these letterforms I created..

Here I decided to choose the word HEXAGON to test my letterforms…..


I think the letterforms work nicely, it is very legible and I can easily read what the word is and I like the style. If I had to give this a context I would say it could be used as a display font or could maybe be used on a construction logo which I think would be a push. But over all I enjoyed this little project and learnt much more about producing digital display fonts and how you could use different systems for it. Another thing I would like to try is take this a bit further by producing lower case letters, numbers and some glyphs.


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