David gave us a system to use in order to create a typeface in which my group was given the hexagon system to use. I was given a piece of A4 paper with a grid of hexagons to experiment with and see how I could produce different letterforms while using different techniques on the gridded paper. Here are some examples of my experiment with the paper landscape and portrait….


You can see here how the landscape system ended up being more bulky in some places compared to the portrait system where the letterforms were more simple and skinny and more legible. After I finished experimenting with the systems and knew them I then decided to choose one system. The system I ended up choosing was the portrait system because I felt I could play more with it and produce much more clean and legible letterforms by using that system. Here is the outcome of me using the portrait hexagon system…


I don’t like how stocky and how harsh it is to look at with all the bumps,  it annoys me to look at this. I wanted my letters to be more legible and easier on the eye to look at, So I had a look and starting to play with the image in illustrator. In illustrator I started to play with layers then started to draw a line through my letterforms to make a more simple less stocky form of it….




So I did the same for all the rest of the letters and ended up with a more clear legible alphabet. I think its a strong system and I went on to produce the whole alphabet which will be shown in another post soon.


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