Le Corbusier

Today we learned about a great architect called Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier real name is Charles-Édouard Jeanneret and was born in Switzerland in 1887. Known as a painter designer and many more things he was most famous for his architecture he produced. His first real famous building he produced was back in the first world word. Here is an example of the design….



Which here from this image you can’t see why it was called the Domino house. But if you look at this design from birds eye view you be able to see the rectangle with three dots on it which are the pillars if you look close enough.

Other famous Buildings:

. Chandigarh Legislative Assembly

. Unite D’habitation

. Notre Dame Du Daut

Following this Le Corbusier was one of the first superstar architect and his work was now noticed as radical which what others would refer his personality as. Le Corbusier in his research liked to back to ancient Greek times and liked to study the theory of the Golden Section. The Golden section is made from a ratio which involves a line and is what you get when you divide A and B on a line which gives you the answer of 1.618 this then creates a rectangle that has other preparations inside that can create this swirl effect in it. But this theory does stretch even further than that but in resent times has now been considered as useless.

When Le Corbusier designed architecture he always had the living life in his mind as most architects designed the buildings to be a great piece of art, as Le Corbusier always considered the personal living would be like for the inhabitants which you can see a fine example of this in his design of Unite D’habitation where there be many light shinning through the windows and some fine space in the rooms themselves he even went through the trouble to learn the human proportion and has even been imprinted on one of the big thick pillars on the Unite D’habitation. With this in mind Le Corbusier would dive much more into his research on how things have been built for people by looking into other areas such as ship design he even references one ship in his book but also expresses how he likes the many windows and light showing through and how it was designed especially for human comfort. He also looked into the new air craft design to see how the proportions was built for human their but what I liked about this part he didn’t look at the beauty of the air craft but at more of the fact that it worked. So his research all points back to him thinking or saying that yea the designs was ugly but they did work and we should create using the thought that it always should be able to work and not look like it can and don’t be afraid to attempted something new.

I did enjoy the lesson I had today and was interesting to learn on how Le Corbusier had such a massive effect on architecture for the future and how he went about working and designing his work and has now shown me that always have a go and not to be afraid of failure.



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