Verdana Research


After looking at some websites, the typefaces and its designer this is what I learnt. I already made them into my paragraphs for my type specimen, poster, these are hand written from me and are what I managed to find out about the typeface from these websites…

Paragraph 1

Verdana was created in 1996. It was created by a typographer called Mathew Carter. Mathew Carter is responsible for the most famous modern typefaces, these include Georgia, Verdana and Century Schoolbook. In 1981 Mathew Crater and Mike parker created a business creating digital type together. They named it Bitsream Inc, this is now one of the largest creator of type. He did leave the company in 1991 and now focuses on looking at improving typefaces legibility. He is also an award winning typographer. Winning awards such as AIGA medal in 1995 and others. The name Verdana is inspired by a mixture of family and colour. ‘verd’ for green which surrounds the Microsoft logo and ‘Ana’ the name of the daughter of Howllet.

Paragraph 2

Verdana is a humanist san-serif typeface it was based off Edward Johnstones typeface for the London underground system. Verdana was made for display on the computer screens. They focused more on the pixels then a more pen design. They made the relation between straight, curved and diagonal strokes to make sure the pixels were small enough for a clear view on the screen. This type face was created for Microsoft. The Microsoft typography team recognised it needed a typeface and so was commissioned by Steve Balluer and then was created in 1996.

Paragraph 3

Verdana is still used today in catalogue, Internet pages and is still used by Microsoft today but only in emails and some other Microsoft apps. A good example of this typeface still in use is the one of IKEA stores catalogue which they switched from their normal font Futura. Also following after IKEA, Apple had changed to Verdana for their corporate typeface.






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