After much thought I finally had my six words ready for my poster…

“The Nature of Man and Beast” 

my thoughts on the story was simply telling the relationship between animals and humans. In the book Mr fox just needs to provide for his family but is too poor so he has to steal from the framers who are rich. The story shows how greedy humans can be and how we view animals still as “BEAST”, thats what the farmers referred to Mr fox as.


The two fonts I used for the poster are Futura and PT Serif. The reason why I chosen PT Serif was I like the serifs on the letters they look sharp and would be useful to use when creating the word “beast” in my poster. For this I wanted the words “of”,”and”and “the” to really be easy to read and have a nice legibility to them so I didn’t play too much with them. How ever I wanted “Man” and “Beast” to contrast with each other this is why first i set the “and” smaller so you can see the two facing off on the page. I then focused on the “Beast” took my time making all the portions thicker and thinner and really tried to make the word wild and out of control which I like to think I achieved. Then for my layout I wanted to have my type by the bottom and have all that nice white space above to let the viewer give more attention to my text lower down the page.


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