These are some of my experiments where I played around with two fonts; these fonts where Ayuthaya and American Typewriter.What I was trying to achieve here is mixing the two fonts together and make them look as if they belonged together and try make some interesting letterforms.


As you can see some didn’t work and some worked really well such as the letter A worked well for me but had trouble with E in this example. I did enjoy playing around with serifs and mixing them in with the san serif font, I like the Q as well in this I think it breaks some rules of a normal Q where it would normally have one tail as this one has two. I did have fun with these small experiments and creating new letterforms.



After cutting up letters and putting them back together I then wanted to experiment using a word. I chose to do Convert as my word, I sat down and thought how I could portray that word by using the technique I was using on my letterforms and this is my result.onvert

As you can see I used two fonts again; one san-serif, one serif. But for this I wanted to show convert by making the word convert from one font to another so as you look from left to right the Convert changes slowly almost as if its putting on a disguise. I decided to do the convert by making it come down which I think is simple but effective.


turning letters into shapes

I also had a tutorial in illustrator where I learnt how to turn letters into shapes. This tutorial helped me to learn how to do it and showed me that there is much more you can do to a letter in illustrator once its turned into a shape. You can break them apart and reconstruct them, you can play around with their stroke and so many other possibilities can be created. I did enjoy the lesson and felt it will help me in the future for my poster design here are two examples what I did in the lecture…..letters-3


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